cherryl On March - 26 - 2011

museum made for kids 1 A Colorful Museum just for Kids

The new museum of arts for New York has found a great way to involve the children in the imaginative world. It is designed by WORKac; this museum was made to completely meet the needs of the children, the main users of this space. Inside, the activities they can do are very divers and are organized around a central colorful and attractive gallery. The museum is divided into 2 zones for 2 specific age groups. The upper level is reserved for the ‘7 and up’ kids. They have entrance to the gallery as well as to the art studios, the clay bar and the media lab. The lower level is for the younger kids who are escorted by their parents. It features a stroller parking and some classrooms that are typically rented for birthday parties. It is a great place for the children to learn about art and, in the same time, to experience the procedures of creating it.

museum made for kids 2 e1301165126894 A Colorful Museum just for Kids

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