cherryl On April - 15 - 2011

pebble side table 1 Adaptable Pebble Side Table

The table design is inspired from the nature; this table actually looks like a pebble. The almost round shape it’s the reason why you would probably think this is not a good idea. Actually it’s quite practical because the top it flat. It’s made from cement concrete so it’s not very light or easy to move, but I think the effort is worthy.The dimensions of this unique side table are 23″w x 15″d x 14″h. Because of the shape and the durable and strong material used to craft it, this table is for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s only available in one color: light gray, the natural color of a normal pebble. It can be purchased for $149.

pebble side table 2 Adaptable Pebble Side Table

pebble side table 3 Adaptable Pebble Side Table

pebble side table 4 Adaptable Pebble Side Table

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