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kitchen design 11 Amazing Home Décor  Ideas

Even though our growth as a species has taken us further away from nature than we would have thought, we are still reliant on it and we often get reflective thinking about how great it must have been to live in of nature. Sometimes we even get crafty trying to find ways to include nature in our homes. There the focus are plenty of solutions and some of them are very moving and attractive For now we’re going to center on how we can make the trees a part of our homes.This kitchen, for example, is quite spacious and simple. It’s been nicely organized and features practical and space-efficient storage solutions. As for the décor, it is simple and inviting and it has a very unusual intruder: a tree. The tree has been painted white as to blend in and it’s a very nice element

modern residence 2 Amazing Home Décor  Ideas

This modern residence has been built around these tall and beautiful trees. The trees go right through the house and they also pierce the ceiling. They have been encased in glass structures that allow them to be admired from inside while being protected.

tree house 4 Amazing Home Décor  Ideas

tree kitchen around 7 Amazing Home Décor  Ideas

bunk beds 6 Amazing Home Décor  Ideas

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