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tree inside 1 Amazing Home Interior

Inside a home, whether it’s an apartment or a house, it’s like in a sanctuary. This means that inside you get to feel safe and cozy but you also get to be separated from everything nature has to offer in its raw form. To restore that balance you can try to incorporate some elements usually found in nature in the interior design. For example, a very interesting idea is to have a tree in your home. If you’re having trouble imagining exactly how you can do that, take a look at these beautiful examples.

stair tree 2 Amazing Home Interior

This is a spacious and airy apartment with a contemporary interior décor. In the living room the décor is minimalist and almost entirely white. The exterior wall is almost entirely covered with large windows and this somewhat creates a balance and a connection between the indoor and outdoor areas. To accentuate this connection, two small trees have been incorporated into the living room’s décor.

lush garden 3 Amazing Home Interior

clean wood floor tree 4 Amazing Home Interior

Here the connection between the indoors and outdoors is much stronger. The hall/vestibule of this residence includes a wonderful small garden. It has a large skylight above it that lets in the natural light that the plants need in order to survive. The garden includes a series of small plants as well as a tree placed in the center.

glass tree 5 Amazing Home Interior

sun room 6 Amazing Home Interior

living room tree 7 Amazing Home Interior

bedroom tree 8 Amazing Home Interior

dining room tree corner 9 Amazing Home Interior

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