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Amazing stairs 51 Amazing Interior of Staircases

Since mediaeval times, spiral staircase designs have been used in churches and castles and, for many, they represent a masterpiece of construction methods. Where homes suffer from limited floor space, spiral staircases provide a solution that modern architects use regularly. By comparison with a conventional flight of stairs, which need lots of space space and which can cut out light flow, a staircase based on a spiral design takes up less room and can be relatively open. Despite their long history, spiral staircases suit modern living designs and look set to stay.

Amazing stairs 1 Amazing Interior of Staircases

Beautiful benquet 7 Amazing Interior of Staircases

Amazing stairs 4 Amazing Interior of Staircases

Amazing stairs 6 Amazing Interior of Staircases

Contemporary designers, that favor open plan homes, have a problem if the space needs a staircase. If a straight stair well is added to any room then part of the floor space is necessarily cut off, with ‘dead space’ left over beneath it. The continuous eye line of a room can be lost. Worst of all, the staircase can cause shadow. This can really compromise an interior design. However, a spiral staircase, with open steps and a balustrade that can be seen through, takes up less floor space and allows light to pass. Any shadow cast by an open spiral staircase will be much less than a regular flight of stairs.In homes where you want to create more floor space without extending the property, the addition of a mezzanine floor can be the best way to achieve it. In such cases, being able to access the newly created area can be a headache. A spiral staircase is the obvious way forward, since it takes up the minimum space at both the mezzanine level and the ground.

Amazing stairs 7 Amazing Interior of Staircases

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