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nice and stylish shower head by gattoni 1 Amazing Ramina Shower Heads by Gattoni

Created by Marcello Cutino / Studio BCF, the below shower head is designed to impress. The shower head collection is produced by Gattoni, which look perfect for any contemporary bathroom design. The collections are separated into two styles; the first one is dubbed the Ramina shower. Shower head also an important thing in your bathroom. As the time passed by, there are so many hi-tech and ultra-modern bathroom appliances which is using LED lamp or probably digital version. This organic yet contemporary design lends itself to a variety of different bathrooms styles. The next new shower head, the Labirynth, features a winding geometric maze of chrome with 235 nozzles that wash you in a powerful rain shower. Do not ever doubt to explore much information you need toward these cool shower heads. Awesome!

stylish hi tech shower head 2 e1292860857951 Amazing Ramina Shower Heads by Gattoni

stylish shower head design 3 e1292860890732 Amazing Ramina Shower Heads by Gattoni

beautiful and unique shower head design by gattoni Amazing Ramina Shower Heads by Gattoni

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