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loewe Sound Vision 1 Amazing Sound Vision – Loewe

Loewe is Spanish luxury clothing and accessories brand based in Madrid and is owned by the LVMH Group. Loewe is known around the world as being one of the very best when it comes to luxury leather goods. Loewe is a solution Sound Vision “all in one” that allows organizations as instinctive and offers an exclusive minimalist design, which makes it the perfect team to occupy any space at home. The highlight of Loewe Sound Vision is the possibility of networking through LAN and WI-Fi connection and allowing play any music file that is in any of the computers on your home network, for example, a PC.

loewe Sound Vision 2 Amazing Sound Vision – Loewe

The additional advantage of this system to control all its functions can be performed through its convenient screen 7.5-inch Multi Touch. A new intuitive menu you manage to hit any provision finger and faster. Loewe Sound Vision can be connected via LAN, WLAN or Power line network to enjoy the songs themselves, from the function AUPEO; you can get references of new songs. Similarly, mixing the music recognition service Grace note, which provides data about the title, artist or piece of music they are listening at any given time. The top of Sound VisionLoewe, which is part of the Multi Touch screen, is made ​​of refined aluminum and anodized, which further emphasizes the style of the system. This is mounted on one piece, its own distinctive signature that provides a greater sense of minimalism.

loewe Sound Vision 3 Amazing Sound Vision – Loewe

loewe Sound Vision 4 Amazing Sound Vision – Loewe

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