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entrapment table by misha kahn 1 e1307366414576 Art Deco Table with Interesting Pattern by Misha Khan

Here we are going to show is one of the most amazing and extraordinary tables of the world called The Entrapment Table. This beautiful table is designed by Misha Kahn and is made with filaments of glass fiber plastic woven into the table top and the same strands below, baked, supporting it. The pattern on the surface of the table is based on an American Chippendale tray stencil but, to my view, it replicates of some national Russian art like gzhel or maybe a pattern of a Persian carpet. The embroidery on the tabletop serves as the footing for the twin-twex fiber, which is woven through some 2,000 holes to make up the patterning. The table top is made of Ash, and is ebonized and burnt, with a bleached laser cut inset. Any atypical or art deco interior will be decorated brightly with the help of such a table. If you want to astonish your guests and magnetize their concentration, this piece will sure help you. Take a look.

entrapment table by misha kahn 2 e1307366582553 Art Deco Table with Interesting Pattern by Misha Khan

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