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traditional indoor pool 1 Beautiful and Stunning Indoor Pools

Even though it’s now cold outside and the last thing you want to do is jump in a pool with cold water, the satisfaction and pleasure you get when you’re doing that still can’t be forgotten. Luckily for us, there’s still one alternative: indoor pools. We’ve selected a few stunning designs that anyone would be happy to have in their home, even during winter.

indoor pool with glass ceiling2 Beautiful and Stunning Indoor Pools

This gorgeous indoor pool has an elegant traditional design and it’s a sort of central covered courtyard for the residence. The ceiling above the pool showcases lots of beautiful stars and it’s a joy to be able to relax there and to watch the star-lit sky, even though it’s not real.

lap pool3 Beautiful and Stunning Indoor Pools

This pool is part of a beautiful contemporary residence. It’s surrounded by lounge areas and covered outdoor terraces. The ceiling is completely covered in transparent glass and this means that the sky and the tree tops are visible from the pool. This makes swimming in there better than anything you can imagine.

pool modern chandeliers5 Beautiful and Stunning Indoor Pools

This stunning indoor pool was designed to be the main focal point of the residence. The bridge that connects the foyer and the living room features a glass floor panel and this amazing pool underneath. The living room ends with a beautiful sitting area that allows guests to stand directly over the pool below.

modern pool design6 Beautiful and Stunning Indoor Pools

This chic indoor pool is also marvelous. It’s small but it has a very beautiful organic shape. The white floor, walls and ceiling provide a very serene background while the skylight filters plenty of natural light and allows views of the sky. The fresh plants are a wonderful detail.

indoor pool with nature views7 Beautiful and Stunning Indoor Pools

indoor pool contenmporary look8 Beautiful and Stunning Indoor Pools

pool we love indoor9 Beautiful and Stunning Indoor Pools

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