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drift wood headboard 5 Beautiful Bedroom Decore

A while ago we presented you a large selection of DIY headboards (check out “34 DIY headboard ideas”). It included lots of designs and ideas. Among those there were some very beautiful and interesting wooden headboards and they looked especially appealing. So, starting from there, we decided to now focus solely on wooden headboards and we’ve prepared for you a selection of beautiful and chic designs to take a look at.

wood headboard design 1 Beautiful Bedroom Decore

This is a soft modern bedroom interior that still features the usual geometric shapes associated with modern design but this time combined with organic shapes and simple textures. The wooden headboard is very simple and adds warmth to the décor while also maintaining an airy and minimalist look. The shelves replace the nightstands and free up floor space.

industria bedroom wood headboard 2 Beautiful Bedroom Decore

If you prefer something a little more exotic, this bedroom can give you some ideas. It’s a simple bedroom but has some few powerful accent elements. For example, that ornate wooden room screen makes a very interesting and original headboard. It somewhat matches the bedding and, along with the bright yellow walls, follows a warm color palette. It’s a spicy bedroom décor but it’s also simple enough to be relaxing.

wood cabin design interior 4 Beautiful Bedroom Decore

If you really want to turn the bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary, you can take some inspiration from this one. It features wood-paneled walls and a wooden ceiling, elements that instantly make the room feel very cozy and warm. To maintain the image, the headboard is also made of wood but has a darker finish just to stand out. It has an organic shape with soft curves and matches the nightstand.

contemporary bedroom black 6 Beautiful Bedroom Decore

wood headboard for bedroom 7 Beautiful Bedroom Decore

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