jennie On January - 21 - 2011

Luxury Bathtub by Lori Gardner 1 Beautiful Diamond Bathtub by Lori Gardner

In the world luxury products, especially in the case of household related product lines, there seems to be no limit to the imagination to which an artist can go and bring out some of most unique and gorgeous masterpieces to enhance the aura of your house. Now, an all-new product has entered in to the market that, would not only further exemplify the beauty of your bathroom, but will also leave you stunned with its sheer beauty. Designer, Lori Garner has now introduced the extremely luxurious Diamond Bathtub that is adorned by precious Swarovski crystals. This bathtub is the result of 3 years hand-created artistry. It took countless hours to affix 44,928 pink Swarovski crystals by hand to the side of the 19th century-style cast-iron, claw foot bathtub. You can have this bathtub in your house for $39,000; also you’ll be doing a good deed because a portion of the profit from the Diamond Bathtub sale will go to Breast Cancer Research or to one of the foundations of your choice.

diamond bathtub by lori gardner 2 Beautiful Diamond Bathtub by Lori Gardner

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