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Amazing Play of Volumes 1 Beautiful Family House

Masahiko Sato, the architect of Architect Show has defined the K5 house, in Kurume, Japan. With a futuristic kind of look and incredible high ceilings in one of the wings, K5 is ideal for young families, who are not afraid to embrace asymmetry and volumes, without questioning the architect’s sanity. In contrast to the rural landscape, on Sato’s project is written ” avant-garde” all over. Amazingly young spirited, the house juggles with contrasts of black and white and creates an impact on whoever ends up seeing it. Different angles, the irregularities  in terms of volumes, every single element was designed to blend into a forward- thinking type of dwelling Despite of its daring design, the place is really welcoming. By using natural wood as a main material in defining the interior, especially in the opened space kitchen- dining room area, the architect created a cozy atmosphere, ideal for family gatherings. The Western inspired interior is combined with elements of Japanese style, in order to fit the Far Eastern tradition. Due to the Japanese culture, a tatami room has been smoothly integrated into the project. The house’s irregular shape was mainly possible because of the peaceful location. A crowded urban site could not sustain under no circumstance such spatial variations. Very interesting and inspiring, K5 brings together the Western and the Eastern cultures, creating a perfect blend of style for modern families.

Gorgeous Contrasting Black and White 2 Beautiful Family House

Beautiful Kitchen 3 Beautiful Family House

Stylish View to Dining Room 4 Beautiful Family House

Incredible K5 by Night 5 Beautiful Family House

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