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mirrored wall 1 Beautiful Home with Mirrored Walls

Like mirrors, mirrored walls have the ability of making a room seem bigger. They almost double the space by replicating what’s already existent. Mirrored walls add depth to a room and, even though it’s just a mirage, it can really help in the case of small spaces. Bides that, there are also other advantages they come with.For example, a mirrored wall would also add style to a room. It can do that without actually interfering with the rest of the interior décor.

It would be an accent wall for which you don’t need to pick a color or pattern.The versatility or mirrored walls makes them suitable for any type of room. In the living room the main advantage would be the airy and spacious look.

In the dining room, a mirrored wall can create an interesting focal point. In the bedroom it can be a romantic and an eccentric addition while in spaces such as the dressing room the advantage would be double, both practical and stylish. The bathroom could use a mirrored wall for the same reasons.

As for the form mirrored wall come in, there are several possibilities. For example, you can literally interpret the concept and create a wall with a mirrored surface or you can include sliding doors and furniture into the design as well. To make these ideas clearer, we have selected a few examples for each category.

galm mirrored bedroom 3 Beautiful Home with Mirrored Walls

mirrored classic bathroom 5 Beautiful Home with Mirrored Walls

mirrored bathroom 1 Beautiful Home with Mirrored Walls

dinning room mirriored 6 Beautiful Home with Mirrored Walls

entry way mirriored 7 Beautiful Home with Mirrored Walls

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