cherryl On October - 8 - 2012

1 Beautiful Ocean’s  Exotic Villa

In case you are planning to leave for Thailand, you’d better check this exclusive five-star boutique hotel, located on the East Coast of Phuket. Ocean’s 11, like the movie, is a gorgeous villa, ideal for your holiday. With an impeccable service presentation and with suites that offer breathtaking views upon the Andaman Sea and the Phang Nga Bay. Phuket is a very popular summer destination and on a regular basis, tourists return after they fall in love with the exotic sunsets on the spectacular white sand beaches. Ocean’s 11 invites you to experience the luxurious lifestyle, the palms and  the turquoise waters. Embedded with modern design details, the stunning beachfront villa welcomes its clients with an exclusive opened-plan lounge. The exotic patterns on fabrics and cushions, the strong colors and the metallic details give each room’s personality. Adorning the suits with long, breezy curtains and white furniture, the guests feel the benefits of this, relaxing and ventilated place. Each room has bright colored metallic lamps, in order the create the perfect ambience to let the imagination float and sketch smooth dreamy images of what it seems to be a spectacular scenery. The furniture is carefully chosen, respecting a neutral line of style, adding just a sparkle of boldness through colors. A beautiful scene universe, an exotic home, far away from home expects its visitors have a wonderful experience and enjoy the cultural feast of Phuket and its surroundings.

breezy living room 2 Beautiful Ocean’s  Exotic Villa

inside ocean 3 Beautiful Ocean’s  Exotic Villa

gorgeous sight 4 Beautiful Ocean’s  Exotic Villa

Exotic view bedroom 5 Beautiful Ocean’s  Exotic Villa

amazing design ocean 8 Beautiful Ocean’s  Exotic Villa

resturant 7 Beautiful Ocean’s  Exotic Villa

breathing teerace 9 Beautiful Ocean’s  Exotic Villa

swiming pool 10 Beautiful Ocean’s  Exotic Villa

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