karen On February - 2 - 2011

nice tree toaster 1 e1296660308724 Beautiful Toaster Tree by Xu Yan Xiang

Sometimes the designers of these appliances try to combine art and technique and the result is a magnificent, decorative and useful home appliance. Their intention is to make us choose things that are useful to us and that can decorate our home beautifully at the same time. Xu Yan Xiang is an intelligent and creative designers, how can a tool like furniture to decorate your home interior decorating, imitation tree turned out to be a tool for toasting bread. Well, toasted tree really is amazing. With this toaster will be illustrated by the fibers of the leaves on your toast later, interesting isn’t right? The Toaster Tree….it’s got fancy transparent leaves that hold your bread, till they are done. Transparent nano-electric membrane technology is what the designer cites in support of the crisping/browning element; I simply adore the thought of a leaf-pattern singed to my toast. This toaster also creates a beautiful décor in our kitchen and we may use it as a great gift for somebody too.

nice tree toaster 2 e1296660353385 Beautiful Toaster Tree by Xu Yan Xiang

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