cherryl On October - 30 - 2010

beautiful and transparent door with leds Beautiful Transparent Interior Door with Built In Leds by Dorma

DORMA was founded in 1908 as Doerken & Mankel KG by brother in-laws Rudolf Mankel and Wilhelm Doerken. Since then, the company has vigorously built its reputation as a leading international manufacturing powerhouse and supplier of automatic door systems, controls and components.Glass doors are not only good for public places but for living spaces too. They aren’t only look good but also are quite practical. This interior door by Dorma is one of such doors but with special feature. It has 9 built-in LEDs that could stop you from breaking it at night because you haven’t noticed it. The door’s frame is made of aluminum. The whole door look quite high-tech and can become a perfect attribute of any modern interior.

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