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yellow chairs 4 Brightly Colored Furniture Pieces

An explode of colour here or there by no means hurt a thing, but a big pop of color can change a room. Get original with your decorating and go for something big and bold. When it’s time for a furniture face lift or an empty space deserves something different, try adding a colorful piece to any room of the house. Check out some of these ideas to gather some inspiration before you head out on the hunt. Welcome your guest with a regal living room, after all, purple is the color of royalty. A deeper shade will still be comforting enough to keep cozy but the surprising shade will also add sophistication and charm. What better color to dress up a loveseat than with red? In a room full of creams or even some dark greys, this red piece will most certainly pop out and act as the focal point to the entire room. For a bright and sunny spot, place some yellow kitchen chairs at the breakfast table. Near the bay window as you serve up some french toast, these cuties will bring smiles even early before school. Any girl would love to have this sitting in her bedroom. In a crisp white bedroom or even something more subdued, a beautiful, hot pink armoire can be functional and fashionable. Blue in the bedroom is the perfect choice for those in need of a relaxing, comfortable place to come home to at night. Use darker or lighter shades adorn the room, but with a light blue bed you’ve got the perfect place for naptime. A color that’s not easily matched or seen as often: chartreuse. Test the waters with this unusual color and try out a chartreuse ottoman in the living room. Kick up your feet and add some color to your living room.

red sofa 3 Brightly Colored Furniture Pieces

green chair 2 Brightly Colored Furniture Pieces

purple sofa 1 Brightly Colored Furniture Pieces

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