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A clock is not only useful for our interior but it is also important to show the time.These contemporary clocks are designed by different designers. The modern Mozia Clocks are designed by Italian Architect Giovanni Levanti. Manufactured by Diamantini & Domeniconi, this contemporary wall clock is available in lots of colors that can be suited to  [ Read More ]

Unique Satellite Speakers by Jason Tan

October - 20 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Jason Tan is an English mixed martial artist. He competes in the Welterweight division. Tan started out in kickboxing at the age of 15 before studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA. It is said in previous interviews that Tan’s inspiration to study Jiu Jitsu and MMA was through watching Rickson Gracie’s Choke documentary. Modular lifestyle  [ Read More ]


Mastella Founded in 1984 by its current managing director, Mastella operates successfully on the main European markets, where it managed to establish itself by pursuing with determination both reliability and transparency.On Cersaie 2010 Italian bath furniture design company Mastella has presented several bathroom collections and Calla lily-inspired bathroom suite was among them. It’s designed by  [ Read More ]


Megan Searle has worked and studied both in Australia and overseas in Education and Performing Arts for nearly 20 years.Megan has been involved in the Arts Industry performing, directing and producing theater and hosting a television talk show on Channel 31.Curve Squared is a modular storage solution designed by Megan Searle. Its main feature is  [ Read More ]


Aly Design Limited is an innovative producer of unique switching products that range from one-off printed light switches to high-volume worldwide distribution. We are manufactures and we are the only producers of this product worldwide.If your world seems boring enough, seems oldies enough and supported with your outdated home design, maybe there’s something that can  [ Read More ]


Michael Bihain is one of Europe’s most creative designers. He is also the designer that won’t terminate the creative process. Instead, he seeks to hand it over tothe users. The objects are meant to work as solitudes – or to by repetition create a new unity. This is ‘Patatras’ – a new design for book storage  [ Read More ]


Lorbus born in 1975, (Caracas, Venezuela). Graduates from the Institute de Diseño de Caracas in 1997. Lorenzo moved to Milan in 1998 where he obtained the Master in Design at Domus Academy. In 1999 he collaborated with Studio Sowden and in 2001 with Studio Monzini Raboni. In 2004/2005, together with Juan Carlos Viso. Lorbusportfolio is  [ Read More ]


The versatile and contemporary way to control light, glare, view and privacy in both domestic and commercial installations the panel blind is the new and innovative shading solution for larger windows and patio doors that look fabulous in both contemporary and traditional interior design schemes. A new design for your room decoration, a contemporary stylish  [ Read More ]


DesignTaleStudio, Ceramiche Refin’s creative laboratory, embarks on a new creative journey, offering, for the first time, a rich collection of ceramic slabs for walls and floors, designed by Karim Rashid. Hence the creation of R+Evolution, the first Dts collection to explore a new concept of cladding and decoration in keeping with the latest Interior Design  [ Read More ]

Innovative Cubert Clock by Luis Luna

October - 2 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Luis Luna has designed a unique vibrant time piece that shows you the time both in analogue and digital way. While the main face of the watch tells time through a conventional analogue, its sides tell time through a digital display that literally spells the time. From the front side, you can check out the time  [ Read More ]