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Here is the innovative and stylish candle holder. It is called “DOM-I-NO” designed  by Lincoln Kayiwa. It is a ceramic candle tea light holder that is clearly inspired by the domino tile. It can be used as a single item or set up just like a real set of dominoes. It also includes a black  [ Read More ]


This is Fabrica’s limited edition glass collection of vases . The collection is very impressive. It includes various pieces: Flood, Necklaces, Triangoli, Uplifting, Uccia, Vasone and Vessel. The transparent vases have a very unique shape. They are shaped like houses, connected, with geometrical lines and real necklaces, inspired by different containers and cups. It also  [ Read More ]


Here is a contemporary and beautiful clock, called “”.  It is designed by the artist and designer Stefan Hepner. It’s a unique take on the traditional pendulum clock. Its faceted form gives an almost obsolete, nostalgic item a definitely modern feeling. Made of cast resin with quartz movement and metal parts. It’s Handmade in the  [ Read More ]


Beautiful decorative plates designed by Dutch artist Maxime Ansiau.  By combining several plates together, the artist created very fascinating long plates, on which skyscraper images throne among clouds. This amazing collection is created by the Amsterdam-based designer.  It features blue and white delftware showcase stunning castles and windmills, stretches of water and repetition in a  [ Read More ]

Fascinating Alphabet Pillows

May - 28 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Here are very fascinating alphabet pillows .These pillows are made of the recycled suit-jackets and these are in various sizes and with different accessories. These pillows are in different colors and buttons so that they can be matched with various types of interiors. These pillows can also gifted, you can gift the pillow of that  [ Read More ]


Here is the creative and innovative dragon shaped sink tap from Mestre. It is made of Swarovski Crystals. The Swarovski Crystals  are a contemporary touch representing the richness and wealth. This luxurious piece is only for connoisseurs and for those with the specific cultural background. It is an amazing faucet design. I hope you will  [ Read More ]

Cool Stitchtagram Pillows

May - 17 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

These amazing pillows are called “Stitchtagram pillows”. These pillows are a very easy and creative way to add character and charm of the interior. These pillows provide both relaxation and your favorite photo. The pillows can be used as accessory of an armchair or sofa and as a decoration for the home.  Each pillow is  [ Read More ]


Beautiful and very creative vase. This stunning vase is known as “Big Bloom.” It is an amazing creation. It is designed by Charlie Guda for “The Cottage Industry.”  The Beautiful Vase uses an acrylic Fresnel lens and it contains 2 legs for its stability. The stunning big bloom vase will make your interior look more  [ Read More ]


Here is a very innovative knife design. This knife is called “Animal Pocket Knife.” Its created for those adults who still like toys. It’s made of different stainless steel heads, legs and tails. The designer likes to work with wood, metal and complex materials. It is designed by  David Suhami. The knife folds out to  [ Read More ]


Here are some amazing ideas for the mothers day. Its Spring season, and plenty of flowers are easily available.  Flowers are loved by every woman. So, here are some amazing flower decoration ideas for the mothers day. It’s up to you, you can decorate the beautiful flowers in vases or you can use them as  [ Read More ]