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These are beautiful decorative painted plates. Molly Hatch is a Ceramic artist and she has now presented her new plate paintings at Sofa New York 2012, on behalf of Ferrin Gallery. If you look these plates, one will observe how elegant and detailed work is done on each plate, and the entire painting looks like  [ Read More ]


These artistic cushions feature the unique attractive items for any room in your home, this collection have the real images of the animals. The Exotic collection includes the fierce tiger, the lithe crested crane and a moody croc while the “Fable collection” comes with a exciting range of characters from the granny tales and those  [ Read More ]


This beautiful furniture piece is designed by an Italian accessories company AK47 Design. This furniture piece is named “Tubola”. An Italian word, “Tubo”, which means a tube. It is the perfect storage to display your items in style. Its in three sizes and two colors, it will definitely catch the attention of everyone and will  [ Read More ]


The multi-functional furniture is very popular  now. It is the base of the modest style that is stylish today. Shelves for books, magazines, and plants, it’s a collection of the Swedish design studio A2. There are four elements, including the central and the other ones are  extra. You can use these shelves as an office  [ Read More ]


These colorful attractive lights are designed by QisDesign. It is an amusing modern lighting design.  The design of these lights is inspired by weaves of the flamenco skirt. These beautiful lights are available in three bright colors: green, pink and orange. QisDesign revealed the series of colorful lights called “Flamenca.” It will make your home  [ Read More ]


This stylish clock is designed by Michelle Ivakovic. The contemporary Umbra ribbon wall clock will completely goes with your modern home furniture and it make your space look more contemporary and beautiful. This contemporary clock is made with high quality of stainless steel. It is very beautiful, glossy and useful. The Umbra ribbon battery operated  [ Read More ]


For more than thirty years Bisque has been at the front of the radiator rebellion. It’s the first company to present designer radiators in the UK and their philosophy and idea remains the same, to offer beautiful but practical radiators in the most exciting styles, colors and shapes. Radiators are always common in classic interiors;  [ Read More ]


Kia Designs are an interior design company that was created on January 1st 2009 and that strives to create luxury residential interiors in London. Their rugs are handmade, an excellent work of art created with great patience, every single knot is tied by hand with 100 knots, and this means that in every square meter  [ Read More ]

Amazing Sound Vision – Loewe

April - 5 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Loewe is Spanish luxury clothing and accessories brand based in Madrid and is owned by the LVMH Group. Loewe is known around the world as being one of the very best when it comes to luxury leather goods. Loewe is a solution Sound Vision “all in one” that allows organizations as instinctive and offers an  [ Read More ]

Stunning LED Lamp by IKEA

April - 5 - 2012
Posted by karen

IKEA has just revealed its newest collection of designs, and one of the sparkling is Ehlen Johansson‘s gorgeous SOLKULLEN LED pendant lamp. Ehlén Johansson is a Swedish industrial designer that has also and mostly been designing furniture, lighting and interior design. She has been working with Ikea of Sweden during a lot of years, and  [ Read More ]