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Plano shower enclosure, Giulio Gianturco and Mario Tessarollo have created the latest shower design called Plano Acquario. Designed for bathroom brand Cesana, the Plano Acquario is a shower unit that comes awarded with the aquarium built right in. Plano Acquario features of illuminated aquarium that embedded in the shower wall. It makes a fabulous bathroom  [ Read More ]


M.&Mme is a unique furniture collection designed by artist Valentin Loellmann. Here is the concept behind his creations: The pieces that the designer makes have always developed from a curiosity; inquisitiveness towards materials, their travels and the stories they tell. With this project, he tried to use the stories of the materials in order to  [ Read More ]


Among the best faucets out there in the market today, the KWC faucet may one of them. Swiss company KWC has presented the latest SIN kitchen faucet. It is a sleek and stylish kitchen faucet that features a sophisticated look combined with all the vital functions to make kitchen chores a breeze. Inspired by the  [ Read More ]

Amazing Mickey Mouse TV Stand

March - 24 - 2011
Posted by karen

It is a TV stand designed for flat screen TVs and it is made of lacquered MDF. Because the shape is copied from the popular cartoon character Mickey Mouse, it automatically includes the 2 ears. They are not there just to complete the image of Mickey Mouse. You can also use the mouse ears to  [ Read More ]


Kids are impulsive and creative. If you spend a whole day with them you have no chance to get bored. Instead they get bored quickly if they lose their interest in something. All the time you have to give them something to do, to keep them busy. Guus Oosterbaan thought of these types of energetic  [ Read More ]


The Italian designer Riccardo Fattori came up with this creative idea. His designs include a variety of floral elements, shapes, typography and themes that celebrate the beauty of the human body. They are intended to complete the romantic and cherished atmosphere from one of the most important rooms in the house. The designs are followed  [ Read More ]


These stairs are designed by Atmos studio for one of their housing projects. The staircase was completely digitally invented using an complicated set of simply-cut but highly-detailed flat-pack elements, CNC-carving sheets of MDF and oak directly from our drawings, carving depths to further split structural strands into ever-finer lineaments, producing elements that perfectly slit together  [ Read More ]


Creating a collection of colorful and lively cabinets was not tough for the bright minds at A2 Designers. The Swedish designers titled the collection Collect 2011. Produced in Småland, Sweden, the cabinets are made from wood and MDF, painted in lovely and fun colors: white, blue, yellow and pink. A pattern embellishes each door and  [ Read More ]

Odd and Funny Toilet Seats

March - 4 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

We only spend a few minutes in the bathroom every day up to half an hour tops, but the time we spend there can be exaggerated by the little things around us, those things we do not comprehend we need until something bothers us. For example the toilet seat is a very useful thing, but  [ Read More ]


Many people find it tough to wake up early in the morning. To open the eyes, and wake up is so hard to do when your head is still sleepy. But there are also people who can solve this problem. There are people who think of all kinds of things so that, these early mornings  [ Read More ]