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For those who love the furniture , for them there is an exciting new way to enjoy the furniture . Now taste of a chair or any other furniture can become a part of your daily breakfast. It’s designed by  Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada, this food-inspired cakes are the part of the project called  [ Read More ]


In the last few years we’ve watched the television get super thin, a design that has elevated them to appear more like art, and with the ability to hang them on the wall like a picture frame, TV’s have truly become beautiful and unobtrusive pieces of furniture. So what’s next for TV design? A new  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Toaster Tree by Xu Yan Xiang

February - 2 - 2011
Posted by karen

Sometimes the designers of these appliances try to combine art and technique and the result is a magnificent, decorative and useful home appliance. Their intention is to make us choose things that are useful to us and that can decorate our home beautifully at the same time. Xu Yan Xiang is an intelligent and creative  [ Read More ]

Unique Omlette Pans

January - 4 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

Unique shape new shape of a small frying pan of love, the color of the surface with a high non-stick coating, so you make the most caring for the whole family, and the most unique free breakfast, enjoy the family feeling when you meet the joy of love! As the loved one dinner meal loves  [ Read More ]


Atlantis shimmering light creates a vibrant source of energy. Its mesmerizing, organic effect is created by hundreds of illuminated lengths of draped chain. Like water in the ocean, Atlantis chains appear liquid, cascading over its polished bands and falling down towards the abyss before turning back into itself. If you have an amazing home that  [ Read More ]

Fascinating Waffle Irons for a Fun Snack

December - 21 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Vegetables are known to be a great food. It adds color and appetite to every meal. If you are a waffle lover, then you surely will get more invited to consume more if you will see the stylish shapes of your waffles with the help of the creative waffle irons. Mimicking the look of a  [ Read More ]

Elory Towel Warmer from Emmesteel

November - 19 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

The company EMMESTEEL new in the field of bathroom Ltd., began in 2002 distributing its own production of radiators and towel warmers. The main feature of these radiators is given by the material of which are made of stainless steel. The new and remodeled bathroom essential is an Elory Towel Warmer. The towel warmer is  [ Read More ]

Amazing Egg Kitchen Gadgets

November - 15 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

If you are a woman then you know that the kitchen is the room where you spend most of your time in your home. It’s not only the cooking, but tons of other small activities that keep you busy all day long and if you only have two hours free time then certainly at least  [ Read More ]


The identity FIMA was created from the core values we believe in and respect. In Company breathes the air of an Italian to do that came from the combination of rigor in design and mediation with the history of technology and craft design, capable of making a product with technical features well defined and refined  [ Read More ]


Tea basically comes from one species of plant called camellia sinensis. The leaf are dried and processed to become tea. In advance there’re two types of tea, that’s the herbal tea and the original tea. Herbal tea is dried leaves or flowers from various other plants and herbs while the real tea is that of  [ Read More ]