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Ypsilon construct an identity, able to project expanded beyond the traditional boundaries of space and time, inventing new types of furniture that affect the attitudes and lifestyles of today. Projects and design products that combine intelligence and humor, observation and sense of play. Ypsilon creates and evolves the abundance of ideas, the philological work of rediscovery and  [ Read More ]


Quentin de Coster is a young Belgian designer, who was born in Liege in 1990. Early interested in Art, and particularly in objects, he decided to study industrial design at the ESA Saint Luc Liege in 2008.His projects are characterized by a simple shape related to an obvious exploitation of materials, humor and sometimes cynicism. The  [ Read More ]


The bathroom sink, sometimes referred to as a wash basin, wash hand basin, or bathroom basin is an essential part of any bathroom or cloakroom suite. The range of colors and styles of bathroom sink that can be fitted to the bathroom area is exciting and wide ranging. Many of us spend some time relaxing  [ Read More ]