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Animal is the result of an image on the formal and conventional observations related to the world of childhood. An amazing inspirational table designed especially for kids. The designer asked several children to draw dogs and tables and created the table inspired by their drawings. This table is made of wood with a storage space that  [ Read More ]


Here are 10 cool storage cabinets and wardrobes for kid’s room. Every kid’s room should have enough storage for all kid’s stuffs, the common storage furniture pieces are wardrobes, shelving systems and other cabinets. All kid’s cloth, toys, books and other things could need a lot of space so; you will need some cabinets and wardrobes  [ Read More ]


Sanindusa Bathrooms make an exclusive range of bathroom products that are manufactured in a state of the art sanitary ware factory in Portugal. The company aims to make bathroom products that have the customer at the heart of their development. Nobody might ever thought about having a kids bathroom, all what everyone has thought about  [ Read More ]


An exhibition named “BYBY” by the architectural design studio mimolimit was launched in the Konsepti showroom on Friday 4 December 2009. The ByBy idea is planned for children and their parents.A very fascinating and unique design concept of the creative designer Barbara Škorpilová. There are six different bedroom ideas which are specially designed for kids. Very  [ Read More ]


Some of us think that a kid should not play during his eating timings because it’s not a good habit. But as we all know that playing while eating is normal in all kids. Slide Eat is a best solution for all those parents who are worried for their kids playing habit during meal timings  [ Read More ]


In order to build up mental abilities, children need to grow up in loaded with colorful and attractive surroundings. Arredissima has designed cheerful bedrooms for children to grow them fresh and colorful atmosphere. Furniture’s functionality is equally divided between work and play, and the storage units have enough space to gather up all books, toys,  [ Read More ]


Recently we have posted about Nicely Decor Kids Room with e-glue and now we are telling you the idea to decorate your kid’s room with the theme of funny video game “Mario” with the help of Super Mario Wall Stickers by Nintendo. To give a funny and cool touch with Super Mario wall stickers is  [ Read More ]


Nice kids room lay out is all about to set furniture in good position and according to kids age. for kids room here must be enough place for sleeping beds, work desks, and for storage cabinets. here is a best solution for kids room to use smart modern furniture. Here we show you some kids  [ Read More ]