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These cute and colorful chairs are designed by Keith Haring. The chair is funny and bring a happy and cozy atmosphere to your kid’s room. The chairs can also be used like hangers when you`re too tired to put your clothes in that wardrobe. These chairs are very useful. The dimensions are: 28.3 inches x  [ Read More ]


The Knelt Desk is designed by the Ubiquity Design Studio. The seat inspires a straight pose that puts less pressure on your back, reduces muscle and joint fatigue, and avoids creating that tale-tale hunch of when one has been sitting too long in front of a laptop, book or desk. The Ubiquity Design Studio was  [ Read More ]


This is a wonderful Play Patio Set by Step2. It contains a small table and two small chairs; it is the perfect furniture for kids. This amazing play set can be used as both indoors and outdoors. This set is very comfortable and perfectly safe for kids. Its comfortable seating and backrest follow the children’s  [ Read More ]


This is the latest project of the French architecture agency Palate & Leclére, the Ecole Maternelle Pajol in Paris. The lively colors, art installations, it is the perfect environment for children. This 1940′s building, located on Rue Pajol, Paris in the 18th arrondissement, has been reinstated and re-imagined while maintaining its basic structure. Palatre &  [ Read More ]


Here is the cute furniture called Loki Playhouse Set. It is perfect for outdoors, because it is rather big for a room in your house and it would take all the space available. The set includes one Loki play house, one Loki kids table and two Loki chairs. The set is made entirely of recycled  [ Read More ]


A colorful chair for kids, it is “The Hut Hut Rocking Chair” which is created by Kalon Studios. It is a playful and contemporary reinterpretation of the rocking horse. A low rocking system offers a fun and safe way for babies and children to play and learn balance. These rocking chairs are perfect for a  [ Read More ]


Jaekyoung Kim and Hyunjin SEO have joint traditional Korean aesthetics with the idea of physical, and emotional, protection in a furniture collection for children. The dureong-chima, a skirt used to wrap around the bellies of babies, is the motif for the Duriban table for children, its edge looks as fabric so that children’s come across  [ Read More ]


Here is the beautiful kids room décor by Land of Nod. The Land of Nod is an exciting kid-first company which basically started out in the owner’s basement. During the company’s first business years, the obsessive founders had to store their inventory throughout their private house, till they moved to a new, more professional space  [ Read More ]

Amazing Furniture Piece for Kids

June - 20 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

The Guidecraft has introduced a universal furniture piece for all these things. This furniture piece is thought over in all features. This furniture piece is created for kids, the Deluxe Art Center is made so that it would be easy for the kids to do everything they want. It includes pencil holders, paint holders, boxes  [ Read More ]


Colorful and cute ceiling fan for the kids room because it looks just like a pinwheel. It is the “Pinwheel Ceiling Fan” created by Quorum. The fan’s each blade is colored differently and the multi-colored pattern of colors inspires kids’ imagination. The fan contains 6 blades and the 3 blades of the fan are colored  [ Read More ]