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Here is the cute Bed with Storage designed by Dearkids. It is a Compact Collection it includes a solid wood bed, a bed with headboard, a simple bed, a wood writing desk and a single wooden bed. All the pieces of the collection have attractive and contemporary designs and have attractive colors. The bed has  [ Read More ]


Here is the cool and cute collection of cabinets for children. This collection is called “Amsterdam collection”. The design of the storage cabinets is inspired by the Amsterdam canal houses from the seventeenth century. The cute cabinets are in various colors and have three different types. The cabinets are well-crafted and are absolutely wonderful. Cool  [ Read More ]


Here are some amazing wall decorating ideas for Little boy’s rooms. Wall murals are perfect to make the room look very attractive and it brings life into your room. The cool wall murals sets the mood, the theme and the tempo of the space it lives. Little boys will definitely love these wall decorating ideas,  [ Read More ]


A very creative coffee table, it is designed by Swedish design student Jessica Arosenius. The coffee table is called “Block.210 coffee table.” Jessica Arosenius displayed her Block.210 coffee table in the recent Milan Design Week. The name of the table “210” is given because of the “210” wooden blocks which makes up the table’s top.  [ Read More ]


An Adorable Elephant shaped sitting piece for kids, it is very comfortable as well as playful. Very attractive, it can become a perfect place to sit and read stories to your child. Children will love this chair, because it’s a playful chair. This cute chair is named “ TANTO CHAIR.” TANTO chair is designed by  [ Read More ]


German designer Ellen Heilman in teamwork with Kathrin Schumacher shaped these attractive and adorable toys. A very cute pair of pull toys. The adorable toys are named as “Waldi” and “Sprinter.” The serious hound is called Sprinter and the cute dachshund is named Waldi. These toys are made out of leather . Your kids will  [ Read More ]


A very cute outdoor furniture for kids which is named as “play-zee-bo”. A very unique name, it is an outdoor playground and a gazebo for kids. It has a waterproof roof that is made of polyester, the roof prevents fire too. “Play-zee-BO” can be left outside during the whole summer season because it is made  [ Read More ]


The useful and transformable furniture is very popular now. Many of us live in apartments where there is not sufficient space in the room for each piece of furniture. Gro Furniture’s Bam B crib is so smart – except for the conversion to standard crib, it then converts it into a game table or desk  [ Read More ]


Designer Allison Krongard has designed these beautiful patterns of wallpapers according to the interest of kids. Actually she was motivated by the interests and capabilities of her son, who vary almost every hour. She created a set of colorful wallpapers for the rooms of kids with the patterns they like most. There are so many  [ Read More ]


As we know about various Spanish groups that manufacture incredible stuff for teen rooms and Nueva Linea is one of them. It has been working in the furniture zone for more than 75 years so their products have great eminence. Furniture and accessories for children’s rooms is one of their specialties.  To present their furniture,  [ Read More ]