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Any time your teen decides it’s time to do a bedroom makeover; you’ll want to use the experience to teach her decorating and budgeting skills. The teen room is the space where teens study, relax and enjoy with friends, relatives and family members. So placing things properly and decorating teen’s rooms is a challenging task.  [ Read More ]


Kids who love soccer would definitely fall in love with this Kid’s Soccer Football Swivel Chair & Ottoman Set. This attractive set lets you create a statement that you are a soccer fan and a sport enthusiast. It comes in a black and white design which also is a perfect addition in any bedroom or  [ Read More ]


The junior room is a child’s place to sleep, play and study. When you’re designing such room your aim is to create an inspiring place which could stimulate your child to do these things. The Spanish company BM has the perfect furniture for that little junior of yours. Here you will encounter some fascinating colors  [ Read More ]


Italian furniture manufacturer Tumidei have released some new children’s loft bedrooms as part of their Tiramolla Collection.Their products have always proved popular so in this post there will be a little peek at Tumidei’s Tiramolla Loft Bedrooms which have quickly become one of the many jewels in Timidei’s stylish crown!The Italian company Tumidei designed a  [ Read More ]


The MICUNA Group began in 1973 with the founding of the company Francisco García Moreno located in the town of Silla and mainly dedicated to the manufacture of wooden cradles. Over the thirty years of its existence, has set the trends within the children’s furniture sector by introducing wooden cradles onto the market at a time  [ Read More ]


Mae is the lovechild of Peta, Bec and Emily. Brought together by a mutual love of sweet, whimsical designs and the desire to create a working life that complimented their personal lives.Mae’s delightful fabric wall stickers are designed with children in mind and are more than happy to bemoved around – and scrunched up, smoothed out  [ Read More ]


Cedarworks was founded in 1981 in Rockport, Maine as a regional manufacturer of swing sets, play sets and other backyard wood structures. Duncan Brown purchased the company in 1988 after gaining experience in manufacturing and sales in the woolen industry. Beds with slides are one of the most exciting bedroom furniture items you can buy  [ Read More ]


Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals that were the dominant terrestrial vertebrates for over 160 million years, from the late Triassic period. Dinosaurs are one of the most mystical animals and that’s why they are so liked by kids. Dinosaurs have become very amiable and nice characters. They have also become one of the most  [ Read More ]


Sophisticated wooden seating that appears to kick out its back legs.There is nothing childish about Zeitraum’s Morph Kid chair. The sculpturally formed sub-frame conveys the interplay between stability and dynamism. Due to its delicate appearance this straightforward chair exudes an air of lightness that requires only a small area.Designers of Zeitraum have perfectly demonstrated that  [ Read More ]

Cute Cot for Babies by Ubabub

October - 5 - 2010
Posted by karen

Ubabub is a range of Australian designed premium-end nursery products available through numerous retailers and websites across Australia. Über stylish and practical, ubabub is a range of ultra-safe, durable and ecologically friendly cots, furniture and accessories. With a distinctly modern aesthetic, the carefully designed and constructed pieces not only add a streamlined modern edge to  [ Read More ]