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Wall decals have a long history in Europe and it is about time they made it to the United States.  As most of the design finds, the designer have given this find a new name WALLTAT(s)!   WALLTAT Wall Decals are fun, easy to install and compared to other wall finishing and wall decor alternatives, very inexpensive. Walltat  [ Read More ]


Colombini, an Italian company, is best known for its range of furniture and furnishings for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and other rooms of the house. Colombini gives you the finest range of furniture and furnishings with the finest quality. The company tries to implement practical features in all their furniture designs. In fact, Colombini’s furniture  [ Read More ]


Our Children’s Gorilla is a small Swedish company that design and produce humorous home accessories. This company specializing in imaginative furniture, toys and accessories. This company has original ideas and unique gifts in a respect for the environment and the future of our children. Our Children’s Gorilla always encourages the use of imagination and creativity. They  [ Read More ]

Interesting Foldable Cot – Alma by Bloom

September - 23 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Alma is perfect for style, mobility and storage! This award winning and thoughtfully designed folding wooden crib is the ideal selection for parents wanting a chic and contemporary nursery. It is for children aged between newborn and 2 years. It’s perfect for those modern families that live in small spaces. The design also allows moving it from  [ Read More ]


This baby bath tub, that resolves storage concerns. Against the wall, in a cabinet, under the bed… the Flexi Bath, in its folded state, can be placed anywhere.  The Flexi Bath’s temperature-sensitive drain plug. The drain changes color from black to red when the water approaches the ideal bath temperature for a baby and if  [ Read More ]


Samsung has announced its Tic Toc series of MP3 players designed for young girls.  The TicToc, an MP3 player for children that looks like a miniature lipstick tube designed by a team of fairy princesses. This player is available in 2 colors pink and blue. Each player comes with three decorative shells, a pair of matching in-ear headphones,  [ Read More ]


Just like adults need an office for their work projects, children need a study room to complete homework assignments. As children get older, a playroom can be changed into a well-organized study room. With a computer workplace, reading area, and even a designated space to work on school projects. Kids study space should be cool in order to motivate the kid  [ Read More ]


Colombian architect Manuel Villa designed the “Polyhedron Habitable” as a relaxing space in the back yard in Bogota. It’s designed for a couple and their newborn son, the aim of ‘polyhedron pod’ is to create a space separate from the domestic environment. This small house in a back yard of a family house is a retreat for  [ Read More ]


Casa Diez is the home decoration magazine that features affordable and tasteful ideas and it’s an ideal magazine for an imaginative reader who is looking for comfort, with a personal, original and individual touch. Here we are going to share with you the girl’s room idea. The room is decorated in pink, white, grey and  [ Read More ]


Farm Rug Haba Dwarf’s Land Play Rug The designer specializes in exporting exclusive Danish furniture, new & vintage to anywhere in the world. Their mission is to make it as easy as possible for their customers to purchase a piece of designer furniture.  Danish by Design have presented a cool range of 3 dimensional Play Rugs.  [ Read More ]