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Home decoration not only creates happiness and enjoyment for the residents, it also puts a good impression on the outsiders. Here is not a matter of living in a luxury house, but a house which looks neat and clean. Today we will show you the ideas to utilize the entrance of small houses, for sitting  [ Read More ]

Hanging Sunbed For Comfortable Rest

March - 21 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

Get prepared for the sunny period! If it’s not heartfelt in your urban yet, it’ll be soon and everyone will be keen to take some sun baths. Dedon Swingrest hanging sunbed by Dedon will give you an chance to enjoy sunlight in treat. It contains of a natural, basket-like woven base hanging from an elegant  [ Read More ]


In coldness all our thoughts are about summer, its remarkable nights and aromas. This porch design reminds you of summer actually well and helps to enjoy it. The style is contemporary: there’s much natural wood – a wooden deck, columns, ceiling and furniture. White color looks fantastic in combination with rich dark wood, it gives  [ Read More ]


We ran across this striking backyard design and thought it would be nice to share it further. Highly modern and visually intriguing, this aquatic yard envisioned by Dutch studio Centric Design Group for the owners of a coastal villa in The Netherlands is a one-of-a-kind contemporary oasis. The place features a generous swimming pool with  [ Read More ]


It’s common for some countries to have a small balconies in apartments. Russia is one of those countries and IKEA has recently hosted a contest for the most cozy small balcony. Here are some of the best balconies from this contest. They serve different needs but everybody could find some interesting in them. A lot  [ Read More ]


Nobody can deny the fact that Italy has lots of beautiful destinations and attractions. It’s a country that has a very rich history and that impresses with its elegance. But visitors that really want to get into the unique atmosphere and that really want their experience to be amazing should also make sure the hotel  [ Read More ]


During the winter season, few places are more popular and dreamy than the Alps. Everyone knows that and all the hotels and chalets are getting ready in advance to receive their guests and to offer them their best. At the Das Tirol hotel in the Kitzbühel Alps, the atmosphere is exquisite. It’s not the type  [ Read More ]


Those opportune enough to find and give a dreamy location for their homes have many  things to look forward to when living there. For example, huge homes come with great views. Being able to sit in your comfortable home, relax in a chair or on the sofa and to admire the amazing views beyond is  [ Read More ]


We’ve seen various architecture offices on Freshome, yet this one gets close to the top of the list. Located in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain, the Abaton Architecture Headquarters building resembles the type of contemporary house that we usually publish on our website. According to the architects, “the main objective was that the building itself  [ Read More ]


Wreath are beautiful despite of the time. You can make one for Halloween, one for St. Patrick’s Day, one for Christmas and you can even make one simply to show on your door and to make it look beautiful for no particular reason. But finding a design that is versatile and that allows you to  [ Read More ]