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Here are the cute bird houses which are inspired by the Shasta campers of the 1950s. It is called “Vintage Camper Birdhouse”. The houses contain aluminum door, a curved sunshade and the its door is both a design accent and a warning to squirrels. The bird house has a smooth bottom, it helps to clean  [ Read More ]


Here is a beautiful outdoor furniture collection. This is absolutely one of the beautiful collections of outdoor furniture that we have ever seen. It is the “Pure Collection”. PURE uses teak, solid, Corian® and aluminum to create an open and attractive furniture that is available for single seating and a complete lounge area. With a  [ Read More ]


Here is an amazing vertical garden called “ Urbio Vertical Garden”.  It is an amazing system which will  change any wall or surface into a stunning vertical garden. It can be used for both indoor or outdoor.  The Urbio pots are made of eco-plastic and has a large neodymium magnets that are strong enough to  [ Read More ]


This creative and unique sofa is designed by Turkish studio Nüvist. The lounge sofa has no armrests and legs. But the sofa has a shape of laying man’s body. This unique lounge sofa is named “Vesna.” Vesna is a Russian word which means “spring.” Vesna is made of leather, velvet and other materials including both  [ Read More ]


Beautiful floating beds for indoor and outdoor use. The calm rocking of the bed provides good sleep, good health & the great feel of floating. Floating beds are ideal bed, and they are kind of a relaxation machine. These beds are not only designed for their beautiful look but it also provides relaxation. The floating  [ Read More ]


These beautiful hanging chairs are created by Concept Suspendu. To decorate your garden in a unique style, these hanging chairs can make your garden an exclusive space. Each chair is made from wood sourced in France and these chairs are limited piece. These chairs can turn your garden into a magical forest, it’s a stunning  [ Read More ]


It is a good time to think about garden furniture, as the summer season is here now, so we can enjoy  this special atmosphere with these stylish hanging chairs. Each chair is handmade, a unique, safe and sound furniture. They can hold up at least 220 pounds,and it  weighs 15 pounds. The stylish basalt fiber  [ Read More ]


A very cute outdoor furniture for kids which is named as “play-zee-bo”. A very unique name, it is an outdoor playground and a gazebo for kids. It has a waterproof roof that is made of polyester, the roof prevents fire too. “Play-zee-BO” can be left outside during the whole summer season because it is made  [ Read More ]


Built on this idea and the significance of the natural world have ever created in Holland by artist Marije van der Park outdoor installation that introduces a new interpretation of an excavator with a green nature. This project intended to reflect new ways to interact with nature in a crowded urban environment. It is named  [ Read More ]


This beautiful garden bench is called simply “A”. That’s because of its shape: a copy of the first letter of the alphabet. The “A” bench was designed by Pieter Jamart. It has a very modest design. It’s a polyurethane bench designed for outdoor use. The bench was made for Sixinch and there are also other  [ Read More ]