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Here is a very unique and creative collection. This is the tableware collection which is called Dressed for Dinner.  There was a custom to dress up for dinner, and enjoy the meal with the whole family; now this tradition was in the past but the designer Marianne van Ooij decided to remind of that with  [ Read More ]


The is a beautiful and cute wall accessory which is perfect for a kid’s room. It is called the “White Whale Wall Accessory”. This beautiful wall decoration is designed by Dolan Geiman, an artist from Chicago. This accessory is very fascinating. It is made of wood, covered with scalloped leather and leatherette pieces. These pieces  [ Read More ]


Here is a fascinating vase collection called Green Line by Fabio Novembre for Bitossi Ceramiche. This collection includes some different pieces – for one, two, three, four and five flowers. Maximum height of the stem is 42 cm; the finish is very original – it’s porcelain covered with asphalt-like finish. By having this amazing vase  [ Read More ]


Here are the modern space dividers created by THINKK studio. It’s a series of space-dividers, Tree, Bush and Nest and it is called “ Hide and Seek Space Dividers”. The designer said that ” ‘Tree’ – separates space into three parts for one’s privacy,’ Bush’ – divides and groups space into spaces and ‘Nest’ –  [ Read More ]


This is the “Edg Creatives Pumpkin Room” it is designed by David Ho. It Offers employees an out-of-the-box place to host meetings and brainstorming sessions. The bubble-like structure is made of polycarbonate panels mounted onto a curved steel frame. The shell can also be lit up for night time cram meetings it has integrated bright  [ Read More ]


Here are the beautiful rugs. The stylish rugs are designed by Gan Rugs. The Gan Rugs have taken the idea of smooth, randomly placed stones on a beach and puts it in wool. The Championes rug has uneven edges, it comes in rectangular and round, and a perfect organic aesthetic. The Codigo rug is the  [ Read More ]


Here is an innovative “Book Clock”. This clock is actually a normal clock device that is afterwards placed in an old hard book cover. Instead of the interior pages that had been removed, the designer called Hilda Grahnat used an inventive solution and used some bits of wood that look very similar to the original  [ Read More ]


This is the “Constance Moofushi Resort” in the Maldives. It’s a very peaceful and luxurious resort. The resort is made up of some fascinating parts: pure lagoons, sandbanks and sporadic lush green woodlands. It is a 5-star resort. Moreover the beauties of this paradise, there are the many gastronomical delights of the region that can  [ Read More ]


These cute and colorful chairs are designed by Keith Haring. The chair is funny and bring a happy and cozy atmosphere to your kid’s room. The chairs can also be used like hangers when you`re too tired to put your clothes in that wardrobe. These chairs are very useful. The dimensions are: 28.3 inches x  [ Read More ]


Here are fascinating coat hangers designed by David Cathro. This coat hanger is called “Blomp”, it is a wall mounted coat-hanger as well as an unusual support for keys or other small objects that fit in pockets, such as credit cards, gloves and so on.  It has a textured, ribbed exterior surface, perfect for hanging  [ Read More ]