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Simple& Modern Office Interior

July - 11 - 2010
Posted by jennie

A way for achieving the ways for easy job and what an employer thinks about his workplace is all about well organized and effective design of office. Here are some simple and modern office designs layouts that can bring modern and luxury look in to room space. It arranges contemporary see-through wall divider in some  [ Read More ]


Nico Yektai has designed this modern outdoor bench. Seating surface of this bench is made of wood, which looks smooth. This bench textures is comfortable and safe and balanced back. This outside bench not only could continue to exist outside of your house but also could become a good-looking modern part of a set of  [ Read More ]


If you’re building a pool deck, or looking for ideas to add enjoyment to your experience near the pool, these deck design ideas might help you. A successful pool deck design is a combination of many factors, including materials, layout and how the deck fits in with the house and yard. All these examples are  [ Read More ]


As we all know that our world is effected from global warming and for this reason it is our responsibility to plant more and more to keep the earth cooler. Here are many ways to plant, some people do gardening and some use planters for this to keep planting and keep stylish. These beautiful wooden  [ Read More ]


It is not possible for those who live in small space or apartment to grow some plants without planter or vases. For this they have to find the perfect and nice planter for their place. But don’t worry Greenbo has solved their problem because these beautiful planter looks amazing and can be easily attached to  [ Read More ]


Recently we have posted about Nicely Decor Kids Room with e-glue and now we are telling you the idea to decorate your kid’s room with the theme of funny video game “Mario” with the help of Super Mario Wall Stickers by Nintendo. To give a funny and cool touch with Super Mario wall stickers is  [ Read More ]


Nice kids room lay out is all about to set furniture in good position and according to kids age. for kids room here must be enough place for sleeping beds, work desks, and for storage cabinets. here is a best solution for kids room to use smart modern furniture. Here we show you some kids  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Fabrics

June - 25 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Harlequin is a Part of the Walker Green bank Group and is strongly placed to meet the different challenges of  the interiors industry. Its highly imaginative and versatile products are supported by highly professional sales force. Here we show the beautiful fabrics patterns to our viewers of Harlequin with perfect combination of wall color and  [ Read More ]