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Without what is it unfeasible to visualize a little princess’ bedroom? Definitely – without an elastic and relaxed bed with a baldaquin, an openworked bedspread and beautiful cushions. No folding sofas, sliding armchairs and built-in furniture! No princess would like such kid’s furniture. Even if a girl’s room isn’t big enough, and the bed occupies  [ Read More ]


The mantel is the piece that always gets festive whenever there’s a special occasion. On Halloween it gets decorated with pumpkins and other themed items, on Christmas it gets a wreath or Christmasy decorations and Valentine’s Day it gets decorated with hearts and romantic elements. There are all sorts of mantel decorations that you can  [ Read More ]


In coldness all our thoughts are about summer, its remarkable nights and aromas. This porch design reminds you of summer actually well and helps to enjoy it. The style is contemporary: there’s much natural wood – a wooden deck, columns, ceiling and furniture. White color looks fantastic in combination with rich dark wood, it gives  [ Read More ]


On the echo of the bourgeois way of life and social tendencies of Romania’s capital, Sky Club by Live Concept in Ploiesti, Romania, embodies the multi-functional, minimalistic and fusion trends of the high and upper-middle class citizen. Situated in the midst of a leisure complex, it was decided to develop a structure whose form and  [ Read More ]


If you have a studio apartment with a roof terrace – it’s a present! Designers create amazing roof terraces of different styles, with gardens, fireplaces and dining zones. Here you may spend the most relaxing, wonderful and philosophic moments of your life. If the surrounding nature is picturesque, enjoy a calm dinner with candles; if  [ Read More ]


We live in a time when your kid may not be reading as much as you were and prefer more sitting in front of the computer and playing games or watching TV. Both books are a very important part of the child’s upbringing and we all want them to love reading. That’s why I think  [ Read More ]


In my opinion, closet organization isn’t the most glamorous topic but what’s the point of a room that looks great, but doesn’t work well? The parents who put these rooms together not only have design chops, but they’ve put the time and effort into creating organized, functional closets for their children too. Here are twenty  [ Read More ]


Birds are aflutter in this calm and welcoming grey nursery created by photographer mum Shannon for her son Eli. Although she describes the walls’ color as grey, you see that on many photos below it looks like blue. And this is what I like about it: depending on the shade of grey you can get  [ Read More ]


Valentine’s Day for kids is an interesting and exciting holiday. And they look forward to it. The first thing that you can suggest to do to your children is to decorate the kid’s room to feel better an atmosphere of this day, the more the kids would like to do it. On Valentine’s Day kids  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crafts

January - 25 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for everybody as love all ages yield surrender, they say. We’ve found some cool kids crafts to make for your kids and with your kids for this holiday. Make some clothes with heart pattern – a T-shirt, a decoration for his or her outfit. A marshmallow necklace will be  [ Read More ]