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The most romantic holiday of the year is near and you aren’t ready yet? Haven’t decided how to decorate your home? Start from mantel! You may easily decorate it and create a Valentine’s Day atmosphere. What are the ideas? Add some flowers – no matter, if they are paper or natural, amazing garlands and wreaths.  [ Read More ]


Have you ever seen a more cheerful kids’ room? This is a real toys’ kingdom! The room design is rather simple, with rustic furniture of natural wood – it not only looks cool but also very eco-friendly, and that’s important for kids. I should mention the amazing wall décor – on one wall there’s a  [ Read More ]


LEDs or light-emitting diodes were first produced in 1968 and are semiconductor light sources. They are commonly used as indicator lamps in many devices but are also increasingly used for other purposes as well. Around the house, LED lights can be used as accent details for cove lighting or for highlighting a certain décor or  [ Read More ]


Chalkboards are truly an amazing and fun way to decor your wall and it will not be limited in school rooms anymore, but it’s a must to include in your decor plan. You must be wondering how it can be as many of us are familiar of talking about kids having chalk boards to improve  [ Read More ]


If you’re planning to have an intimate dinner for two at home on Valentine’s Day, after that you’ll probably want to make a surprise for your beloved. And here’s a brilliant idea! A bathroom decorated for this special holiday, it means – the most romantic décor of the year. The most wide-spread idea is rose  [ Read More ]


It’s amazing how blank walls are transformed when almost anything is hung on them! They immediately burst into life, making a room feel homey and lived in rather than sterile and impersonal. If you are also on the verge of looking for options to decorate your bare walls which stands still awaiting your ideas, then  [ Read More ]


Valentine’s Day is so sweet and romantic! It’s amazing and your house and table décor should be amazing! The sweetest decorations are those of flowers, fruit and berries – because the latter two may be eaten also. Flowers are traditional for this holiday – don’t hesitate to use as many as you want: put them  [ Read More ]


Valentine’s Day is at hand and it’s high to think about how you spend it: will you have a party or an intimate dinner for two? What table settings and centerpieces would you choose? And, the most important, what will you give to your other half? We’ve found some cool and easy ideas that won’t  [ Read More ]


We ran across this striking backyard design and thought it would be nice to share it further. Highly modern and visually intriguing, this aquatic yard envisioned by Dutch studio Centric Design Group for the owners of a coastal villa in The Netherlands is a one-of-a-kind contemporary oasis. The place features a generous swimming pool with  [ Read More ]


How can you apply some beautiful fabric on your terrace or in the garden to make it look more original? Here are some ideas how to do that. Use some fabric and curtain to drape the terrace. Take bright and colorful fabric to create beautiful accents. Or you may use two-colored fabric with some pattern  [ Read More ]