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Here is a perfect pet home, it is cozy and comfortable, it will also match your interior at the same time. These great mid-century pet furniture pieces are designed by Modernist Cat. It is made of natural wood and plywood are chic, of natural colors and the homes are very comfortable. The style of your  [ Read More ]


Here are the cute bird houses which are inspired by the Shasta campers of the 1950s. It is called “Vintage Camper Birdhouse”. The houses contain aluminum door, a curved sunshade and the its door is both a design accent and a warning to squirrels. The bird house has a smooth bottom, it helps to clean  [ Read More ]


Here are some cool and chic homes for your pets. This wonderful collection has a dog house, an aquarium, a unique bird cage, a cat bed and a rodent cage. The collection is known as “Chimere Collection” designed by Marc Ange for a French company Bloom Room. It’s made from soft and durable material, with  [ Read More ]


A beautiful planter gives stylish and interesting look to our house and by using creative planter we can enhance the look of our place. Different varieties of planters are available in stores or potted decorative plants. We can choose planter according to taste and our needs for planter function. Here is the shops that sell  [ Read More ]

Cute Egg-Shaped Pet Beds

January - 17 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

The egg-shaped pEi Pod is a cozy pet bed that’s chic enough for even the most discerning doggie. The den-like shelter provided inside the pEi Pod will created the perfect private retreat for a pampered pup. And since all animals love to curl up in snug spaces, there’s a pEi Pod size ideal for cats  [ Read More ]


A Pet Tree House is a unique hand crafted pet home. Every home is designed and built to provide years of enjoyment for your dearest pets. From a small house up to the largest tree, each home is crafted of the highest quality. Materials are blended together to create a very attractive and durable home  [ Read More ]


Portuguese designer Luis Porem has created the APA Shelter for Birds. He started developing this project, after received the unexpected visit of a small sparrow outside his window. At that moment he was able to admire it carefully. He showed is white chest while peeking inside the house. He wanted to open the window but  [ Read More ]

Indoor Dog House by Slade Architecture

August - 30 - 2010
Posted by cherryl

Slade Architecture is a New York City based architecture and design firm founded in 2002 by Hayes and James Slade. The firm has completed a diverse range of domestic and international projects. Their work has been exhibited and published widely. The Pup Tent has a very modish design, the outer surface was polished and finished  [ Read More ]


Best friend’s Home Designs are offering a number of superb dog houses for those people who want to surround their pets by the lavishness and good looks. Its main models are Alabama, Cubix, Fairytale and Lonneberga. These houses are made up of wood, glass and weather resistant paint and resembles by human ones. Alabama reminds  [ Read More ]