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The “Felt Pods” are designed by Flip & Tumble. The Felt Pods are an unusual set of planters that will inspire people to add some greenery to their homes. Made out of 100% recycled felt, the pods will give plants a warm and cozy home while also bringing a warmth and coziness to the owner’s  [ Read More ]


Here is fantastic dish rack planter. It is a multi-functional small kitchen created by “DesignLibero”. DesignLibero is a Milan based design studio. This small kitchen is called “Fluidity”. It is created to provide a double function. It is basically a dish drying rack and a planter.  The water dripping from the washed dishes irrigates the  [ Read More ]

Funny and Cute Giraffe Animal Planter

April - 13 - 2012
Posted by jennie

It is a very beautiful and cute hand-painted planter. A toy like planter, it is shaped like a giraffe. It is a standard planter and its maximum capacity is being 50 Lbs. It has attached legs and neck and even a tail. Its neck and legs are moveable. The giraffe head has long eyelashes and  [ Read More ]


The Green Lantern by Nudelab is a creation which is multi purposeful and elegant at once, it would attract much concentration and awfully admired. This horn-shaped LED lamp can make any space seem alive and you can also utilize it as a flower pot. This pot can be used for beautiful flowers and you can  [ Read More ]


Modern designers are enthused by unusual things and make different flowerpots like contemporary, stylish or amusing. Anderson Horta is a famous designer from Brazil who presented a pot inspired by green life and cartoons. Escaping is a container that seems to run away from you! It seems like a plant has grew its own legs  [ Read More ]


Vancouver, Canada-based sculptor Marie Khouri and landscape designer Dave Demers have created a new design company called Collaboration. They will be displaying their foremost collection of carved planters this week at the 2011 ICFF show.


A beautiful planter gives stylish and interesting look to our house and by using creative planter we can enhance the look of our place. Different varieties of planters are available in stores or potted decorative plants. We can choose planter according to taste and our needs for planter function. Here is the shops that sell  [ Read More ]


It’s a spring and In case you have a boring wooden fence at your backyard you can simply spice it up, and can make a colorful vertical garden of it.


Log & Squirrel by Qualy Design is a self-flowering pot. The unusual pot comes with a water reservoir, enough to feed the flower up to three days. The fascinating thing about the design is that it works based on a very “cute” system. Inside the reservoir there is a funny squirrel which essentially indicates if  [ Read More ]


Designed in partnership with Shane Powers, these exclusive planters give you the freedom of creating your own suspended garden. They are made entirely from glass, so they are transparent. This allows your plants to show all their features without anything blocking their beauty. They were designed to hang from a glass twine which is included  [ Read More ]