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How creative the designer is in presenting his idea of a flower jar. You might be wondering what this jar is all about. Why are there two parts? Well, the answer is here. If you look at it closely, the two parts are actually the two parts of a whale; the head and the tail  [ Read More ]


Insitu Wall Planters is an Australian company who has designed a vertical container wall planter. People now become more caring about having greeneries and living wall becoming a trend of today’s life style. Many vertical gardening has been exploding up recently on variation and concept. One vertical gardening concept is the Insitu wall planters. It’s  [ Read More ]


This is an amazing creation by RAAV. The Tutoring by RAAV is an awesome solution for growing plant in urban environments. Creative planter that you can buy nowadays and some of them for numerous purposes at one time. The Tutoring planter combined with a lamp is some of those multipurpose objects. It saves space and provides a  [ Read More ]


If your interior is modern and stylish and you are a greenery lover who wants to decorate their home with plants, then you will like these aluminum planters which are designed by Pad Outdoor. These planters are perfect for your modern home. You can find many different sizes of these planters. They’re completed with powder coated  [ Read More ]


Everyone love gardening and even they love to place new plants and latest pods in their house. Plants give coolness to your mind and soul and are sign of cool mind and living life. Most of the time, plants are not beautiful but the way they are placed in pods it make them to look  [ Read More ]


As we all know that our world is effected from global warming and for this reason it is our responsibility to plant more and more to keep the earth cooler. Here are many ways to plant, some people do gardening and some use planters for this to keep planting and keep stylish. These beautiful wooden  [ Read More ]


It is not possible for those who live in small space or apartment to grow some plants without planter or vases. For this they have to find the perfect and nice planter for their place. But don’t worry Greenbo has solved their problem because these beautiful planter looks amazing and can be easily attached to  [ Read More ]