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At era of six months a baby commonly is in a crib or in the mother’s arms. And having a carpet in the baby room isn’t as important. But time will pass so quickly and you won’t notice how your baby starts crawling and making the first steps. So the perfect idea for the nursery  [ Read More ]


The perfect place to walk through (barefoot, of course), read a paperback or tablet (plugged in, or not) with unlimited coffee, or tea (isn’t the kitchen just around the corner?), or do a little floral rearrangement for fun. Gardening has never been so precise, and lawn maintenance has never been easier. 4″ daisies (x 25  [ Read More ]

Stylish Cosmo Rugs

October - 13 - 2012
Posted by jennie

There is something about dandelions that makes you behave like a child, that makes you feel you are young again and enjoy life. So every time you see one you want to blow it and watch the small little umbrellas float around in a joyful dance. No wonder then that this beautiful Nice Cosmo Rug  [ Read More ]

Versatile Acrylic Tables

October - 9 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Acrylic tables are the perfect piece of furniture if you want your living room to feel airy and spacious. That’s because this material comes in a variety of colors but, most importantly, the tables can also be transparent, the most common choice. It’s one of their most important qualities. Because of that, they are extremely  [ Read More ]


Here are the beautiful rugs. The stylish rugs are designed by Gan Rugs. The Gan Rugs have taken the idea of smooth, randomly placed stones on a beach and puts it in wool. The Championes rug has uneven edges, it comes in rectangular and round, and a perfect organic aesthetic. The Codigo rug is the  [ Read More ]


It is a “magic carpet”, it can be folded and bent into different shapes and practical form. It doesn’t quite have the properties of a carpet but more of a mattress. The different shapes of the Magic Carpet can turn into a sleeping “sanctuary” or the perfect place for reading or watching TV; this thing  [ Read More ]


This is the colorful rug called “Lusy Blom Kids Rug” from IKEA. The rug has a very colorful and fascinating design. The fascinating rug is designed by Cilla Ramnek and she exposed her source of inspiration for the design of this rug as being “crocheted pot holders”. Separately from its looks, the carpet is also  [ Read More ]


Here are the embroidered rugs designed by The Belgium designer Charlotte Lancelot which was presented at Salone del Mobile, 2012 during Milan Design Week. It is the part of  the Canevas Collection. It was designed for Spanish brand Gan Rugs it includes, besides rugs, a series of cushions and modular or soft poufs. The beautiful  [ Read More ]


Here are the unique and attractive designs of “ByHenzel rugs”. These modern and classic rugs will become a striking focal point of any space. These are made with careful regard to the environment and out of the finest materials available, New Zealand Wool and Mulberry Silk . The beautiful rugs guarantee quality and safety enfolded  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Azerbaijan Rugs

April - 25 - 2012
Posted by jennie

In the Caucasus mountain, Azerbaijan, a small country, they have a great tradition of woven rugs and carpeting. Their style and original color schemes were formed  for centuries. Now that everything is made in the factory, with lifeless machine tools, do not miss the opportunity of getting the handmade item for your house, it keeps  [ Read More ]