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Kia Designs are an interior design company that was created on January 1st 2009 and that strives to create luxury residential interiors in London. Their rugs are handmade, an excellent work of art created with great patience, every single knot is tied by hand with 100 knots, and this means that in every square meter  [ Read More ]


Kyle Bunting has crafted unusual custom cowhide rugs. His zeal for the standard is plainly shown as you look at his work, which explains off inventive and modern designs of rugs and noticeable quality craftsmanship. We are particularly obsessed with the bull and butterfly patterned rugs. His collections are creative, multicolored and animated. If you  [ Read More ]


These funky and bright, area rugs are a great choice for any child`s room. These 100% wool rugs come in two sizes and a diverse choice of colors with fresh themes to match. Perfect for any children`s room and great to loaf on, read books, solve puzzles or just play. These nice and delicately finished  [ Read More ]


Kyle Bunting has been working with cow skin to create an attractive carpet, wall coverings, furniture and art from more than 10 years.  Located in Spicewood, Texas, Kyle and his team has been working with designers to put in, such as Neri & Hu, DB Kim and Ryan Brewer, to name a few, to collect  [ Read More ]


The Kilim collection by designer Sandra Figuerola is rugs with creative edge, each boasting its own individual looks like the Arabesco and Catania designs, with their lively red color and uneven finishing details at either end; and the Siracusa and Palermo rugs, featuring a collage of different sized squares, patterns and colors. Made from 100%  [ Read More ]


Make a fresh and inspirational living room by preferring the correct themes such as a natural living room plan. Fetch back natural feel into your home with this stunning Forest Rug designed by Angela Adams and turn your living room into a peaceful move back. Set this forest rug in your wooden floors living room  [ Read More ]


Old things give a special touch of modification and elegance. Vintage sideboards, sofas of bookshelves look fantastic and match many interiors. But can you imagine vintage carpets? The brand called Vintage Carpets from Sweden sells carpets which have been used for at least 50 years then they were treated and changed with the help of  [ Read More ]


Click on the link below to buy: Bestever – Lamb Baby Mat These mats have the shape of animals, so they will fascinate the babies like magnets and they are so cute and soft that they will be perfect for protecting your kid from the cold floor. The mats from Bestever are very comfortable and  [ Read More ]

Artificial Pebble Rug Made Of Wool

February - 7 - 2011
Posted by cherryl

Looking for the best assortment of contemporary rugs? You’ve come to the right source. It looks like this rug is made of real pebbles but it’s crafted out of 100% wool instead. This fake stone rug has quite complex structure to provide you with a really authentic nature experience. This faux stone rug has quite  [ Read More ]


Pachamama with the help of Cell DSGN released the new Eclipse Collection of carpets and rugs. This group was inspired by a circle which is a representative of many heavenly bodies and inaugurated 15 new designs all of them concentrated around the concept of circle. The eclipse collection of carpets and rugs are truly the  [ Read More ]