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All of these rugs have very interesting floral pattern and surely will fit for your living room or bedroom. The first one is black red solid rug with little bit of white lines creates blossom image. It’s will add bold contemporary statement to your living room, more special if you apply it in black and  [ Read More ]


Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, born 21 April 1926) is the reigning queen and head of state of 16 independent sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms. Rug-Maker is a hand knotted custom rug company. They do rug designing, customization and pre-processing work in exploRUG and Galaincha, the software suite especially developed for the purpose.  [ Read More ]


These glamor rug collections are from Tappeti that feature Swarovski crystals. We saw lots of furniture encrusted with this elegant crystal and even shoes. These carpets design come with elegant pattern and soft colors that are dubbed into several names such as Empress, Royal, Noblesse, Princess and Queen. These beautiful carpets are available in variety  [ Read More ]

Nice Christmas Rugs

November - 12 - 2010
Posted by karen

The holiday season is near and the entire world is preparing for the big event that we celebrate every winter: Christmas. It’s the most beautiful part of the year for me and for many other people because we all try to be happy and also want the things around us to look festive, so we  [ Read More ]


GAN, Gandia Blasco’s carpet and textile brand, presents at the Salone in Milan the second collection. Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola designed the MANGAS rug collection. MANGAS (engl. SLEEVES) is based on a patchwork of different wool knits, to create a collection of various typologies with different shapes, going from Manga farol (bellowed sleeve) to Manga  [ Read More ]