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We ran across this striking backyard design and thought it would be nice to share it further. Highly modern and visually intriguing, this aquatic yard envisioned by Dutch studio Centric Design Group for the owners of a coastal villa in The Netherlands is a one-of-a-kind contemporary oasis. The place features a generous swimming pool with  [ Read More ]

Beautiful and Stunning Indoor Pools

November - 12 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Even though it’s now cold outside and the last thing you want to do is jump in a pool with cold water, the satisfaction and pleasure you get when you’re doing that still can’t be forgotten. Luckily for us, there’s still one alternative: indoor pools. We’ve selected a few stunning designs that anyone would be  [ Read More ]

Stunning Pool House

October - 25 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Plan firm Jamie Beckwith is in charge for the arresting project showcased in the photos below and located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Free Pool House, this compound residence seems to boast endless colors and textures, paying tribute to a modern-eclectic style, with extravagant Gothic features. Nothing is “common” about the interiors of this home, each  [ Read More ]


Amazing structural designs come in numerous shape and size and respond to a broad collection of requirements. While your backyard requirements a swimming pool and backyard porch, encouragement help you make a decision the most excellent solution, but site  explicit challenge creates the consequences valuable. Capture for instance the Nevis pond and backyard exhibition area  [ Read More ]

Stylish Guitar Shaped Swimming Pool

November - 22 - 2010
Posted by jennie

That people have swimming pools in their yards is no surprise or unusual fact. But when they are uniquely shaped for example as guitars it may be unusual enough to attract visitors. The building is right across the street from Country Music Hall of Fame, so the owner at that time thought it would be  [ Read More ]


The PowerFall is a decorating accessory for pool designed by Zodiac Pool care, a big company specializing in production of various swimming pool equipment which offers a lot of products to make a swimming pools’ care and decorating more easily. This Power Falls is built in a wall or any solid construction and present itself a  [ Read More ]


Glass Décor a Spanish company offers a lot of amazing solutions to decorate as indoor as outdoor swimming pools. If you’re bored with the tiles of your swimming pool then you can check out this cool glass mosaic tiles. Cover the bottom of your pool to get a fascinating pattern.  There are many tiles, mosaics  [ Read More ]


If you’re building a pool deck, or looking for ideas to add enjoyment to your experience near the pool, these deck design ideas might help you. A successful pool deck design is a combination of many factors, including materials, layout and how the deck fits in with the house and yard. All these examples are  [ Read More ]