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The award-winning boutique consultancy Suna Interior Design organization which is a London-based, anticipated a graceful house in Aura Cambridge, a group of residential spaces. This incredible house reflects the creativity of designers who fulfill the need of style and ease even in the countryside and the way they use color schemes in designing, reflects the  [ Read More ]


When we think about Christmas, few things jump in our minds to decorate your home with colorful and inspiring ideas, which are Christmas tree, Santa Sleigh, wreaths, candy crafts and different Christmas centerpieces ideas. Here we will talk about Santa Sleigh decoration because it’s quite fun and there are many ways to decorate your home  [ Read More ]


Mrs. Monica Bhargava is an Executive Vice President of product development of Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. She creates product lines which are related to emerging and varying ways of life, she tactically mounts the level of Williams-Sonoma branded goods across all types and directing design teams. She traveled the world visiting flea Markets and factories  [ Read More ]


We’ve expressed you previously of some cool partition shelters by Glamora, and here’s a part of the collection by Karim Rashid – Multiverse wall covering. The major thing you can say about wallpapers is that it’s interesting colorful and very bright. The author of the collection says “kaleidoscopic Multi Universe, that is hypnotic, energetic, full  [ Read More ]


It’s amazing how blank walls are transformed when almost anything is hung on them! They immediately burst into life, making a room feel homey and lived in rather than sterile and impersonal. If you are also on the verge of looking for options to decorate your bare walls which stands still awaiting your ideas, then  [ Read More ]


We’ve already showed you a bunch of cool ideas showing how you can hang your photos and art in creative ways. Now we’re going to be more specific and show how you can organize family photos on your walls. In this gallery you’ll find more than enough inspiration to make your own family photo display.  [ Read More ]


By painting only one portion of the wall you provide a smaller focal point and you basically force the eye to focus on that particular space. But in order to obtain a successful combination and effect, the other color that represents the background needs to create a strong contrast with the second shade. For example,  [ Read More ]


Even though they are sometimes considered to be pretentious, spaces decorated with metal leaf on the walls can also be chic and stylish if the rest of the décor is in sync with this particular detail. The walls are a very important part of any décor but they often get neglected. However, metal leaf walls  [ Read More ]

Decorating Home with Skulls

October - 25 - 2012
Posted by karen

Among the elements that you can use to create a focal point in your home and to decorate a space, skulls are probably one of the most intriguing, popular and daring element. Using an actual skull as a decoration in your home is not something everyone agrees with. It’s a way of making something that  [ Read More ]


What a superior way to express in some autumn strength than to beautify with some wonderfully colored leaves? Scattered here, there and a modest bit in the corners … leaves will transport in a dreamy, ghostly style to a more contemporary home and add even more attraction to a comfortable, cozy space. Take a look  [ Read More ]