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In various, partition painting is basically impressive to envelop up a huge, empty breathing space.  To others, it’s a chance to display powerfully individual emotions, communicate an exacting artistic emotional response or inform an account concerning their own life, imaginings and requirements.  Traditionalist  and modernists identical container locate enjoyment in illuminated partition art, depending on  [ Read More ]


Mantels are great present areas for beautification and they are an established position of relatives pictures and Halloween decors. But not everyone has one. If you don’t have a fireplace in your residence then you don’t have a mantel furthermore. But you can construct a counterfeit one if you approximating. It’s really a very inventive  [ Read More ]


These are the beautiful and unusual “Dot Wall Vases”. Each of these Polka dots is a ceramic disc that is empty inside and has an oval opening at the upper end. You can fill it with water and put the flowers in. It can easily stick to the wall. As its fixed to the wall  [ Read More ]


The is a beautiful and cute wall accessory which is perfect for a kid’s room. It is called the “White Whale Wall Accessory”. This beautiful wall decoration is designed by Dolan Geiman, an artist from Chicago. This accessory is very fascinating. It is made of wood, covered with scalloped leather and leatherette pieces. These pieces  [ Read More ]


Here is a contemporary and beautiful clock, called “”.  It is designed by the artist and designer Stefan Hepner. It’s a unique take on the traditional pendulum clock. Its faceted form gives an almost obsolete, nostalgic item a definitely modern feeling. Made of cast resin with quartz movement and metal parts. It’s Handmade in the  [ Read More ]


Beautiful decorative plates designed by Dutch artist Maxime Ansiau.  By combining several plates together, the artist created very fascinating long plates, on which skyscraper images throne among clouds. This amazing collection is created by the Amsterdam-based designer.  It features blue and white delftware showcase stunning castles and windmills, stretches of water and repetition in a  [ Read More ]


Here are some amazing wall decorating ideas for Little boy’s rooms. Wall murals are perfect to make the room look very attractive and it brings life into your room. The cool wall murals sets the mood, the theme and the tempo of the space it lives. Little boys will definitely love these wall decorating ideas,  [ Read More ]


Here is a very fascinating shelf. This unique shelf is designed by Spanish artist and designer “Tess Hill”. The designer has transformed a wooden chair in a clothes hanger with shelf by only cutting it in half, flipping and hanging it on the wall. It’s a great idea, this interesting shelf will change the look  [ Read More ]


The regularly featured designer Genevieve Bennett has newly launched a new line, which includes geometric and floral patterns of textile embossed and sculpted leather. This recent line, mimic the look of the classic Damask weave, the Camellia flower, the classic Art Deco, and snippets of a Cog. The beautiful textile pieces are handmade leather, and  [ Read More ]


Here are 12 beautiful patterns of wallpapers. Look for your own style not only in clothes but also in the interior. Pick not only the furniture you like but every feature that would raise the feelings of relaxation or peace. Choose your favorite wallpaper pattern for this year. Exquisite classical pattern, it will give a  [ Read More ]