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How can you apply some beautiful fabric on your terrace or in the garden to make it look more original? Here are some ideas how to do that. Use some fabric and curtain to drape the terrace. Take bright and colorful fabric to create beautiful accents. Or you may use two-colored fabric with some pattern  [ Read More ]


We’ve already showed you a bunch of cool ideas showing how you can hang your photos and art in creative ways. Now we’re going to be more specific and show how you can organize family photos on your walls. In this gallery you’ll find more than enough inspiration to make your own family photo display.  [ Read More ]


By painting only one portion of the wall you provide a smaller focal point and you basically force the eye to focus on that particular space. But in order to obtain a successful combination and effect, the other color that represents the background needs to create a strong contrast with the second shade. For example,  [ Read More ]


Even though they are sometimes considered to be pretentious, spaces decorated with metal leaf on the walls can also be chic and stylish if the rest of the décor is in sync with this particular detail. The walls are a very important part of any décor but they often get neglected. However, metal leaf walls  [ Read More ]


This amazing house in Britain is already ready for the coming holidays! The interior is somewhat traditional, little bit vintage and reminds good old-time England. Dark violet walls in the living room are peculiar feature, it makes it special, and though you could think that this is a moody color – here it looks fantastic  [ Read More ]


This colorful house in Arkansas built in 1932 and renovated is already decorated for Christmas. The interior is shabby chic and vintage, it’s an eclectic mix of vintage folk art and minimalist European style, it’s rather calm and stylish, while the decorations are simple, colorful and kind of kids-like. The shabby chic furniture looks cool  [ Read More ]


Sparkly bits of festive decoration, tinsel is one of the most fun and vibrant holiday home accessories. You can adorn the tree with the shiny strands, but you can also make a lot of others things and places sparkle with a bit of Christmas cheer. So, let us show you how! With all it’s vibrant  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

December - 24 - 2012
Posted by jennie

When family and friends gather for Christmas party in your home than you definitely will decorate your table. Every Christmas table decoration includes beautiful centerpiece. Some of Christmas centerpieces are easy to do some not but the process of making it is always fun. The most cool fact about them is that they could be  [ Read More ]


For me, playing with color in a space is one of the most delightful experiences in home décor. Color is obvious and eye-catching and immediately sets the tone. Often overlooked, however, yet also very important, is the use of shape in creating an atmosphere and overall vibe. Sometimes shapes are used subtly, sometimes they’re used  [ Read More ]

Modern Chrismy by Teresa Sapey

December - 18 - 2012
Posted by karen

Holidays are very close and most designers try to create something new and creative. For example, Spanish architect Teresa Sapey has designed CHRISMY for Spanish manufacturer VONDOM. This Christmas tree looks sleek and modern and the most important looks even better surrounded by other Christmas trees of different sizes. So if you want to be  [ Read More ]