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In the case of the Clifton View 7 Apartment designed by Antoni Associates in Cape Town South Africa, the clients brief was to completely strip out the double-level apartment and to re-configure the interior layout to accommodate four bedrooms, en-suite, a gym, entertainment cocktail bar, cinema room and wine cellar. The site is perched over  [ Read More ]


Eclectic interior designs are very well liked. They’re a very pleasant alternative when the buyer either doesn’t have a apparent idea of what he or she needs or when the preferences can’t be restraint to a single style. Most of the times, an eclectic interior features a combination between old and new elements and it’s  [ Read More ]


Fashionable and stunning design – these are two adjectives that can describe this Netherlands villa interior by Centric Design Group. The contemporary style with lots of wood is accentuated by a big aquarium on the upper level, it’s an eclectic décor element. As the aquarium is the main accessory with lots of bright colors, all  [ Read More ]


Architect Henrique Steyer, from Albus Design envisioned an intriguing home in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil: “In our latest project, I allied top international furniture with a series of French antique pieces to confer luxury and irreverence to this apartment. The owners, a young couple used to traveling around the world, and therefore with a rich  [ Read More ]


Serbia based ArhitekturaBudjevac ( completed the renovation of an apartment in an old 70′s building. The designers had the task to turn an old, family-dwelling apartment into a single dwelling contemporary area. The apartment in its initial state was characterized by a number of small clusters, all assigned with distinct functions, typical of the Socialist  [ Read More ]

Spacious and Stylish Apartment

January - 12 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

Ideally, we would all have huge homes where we could have all the furniture and accessories we need. But we don’t live in an ideal world so it often happens that we have to deal with space-related problems. When you have a small home you often have to make sacrifices. This means not getting to  [ Read More ]


Located in Sweden, this apartment is full of beauty and style. It measures 105.5 square meters which is not exactly a lot of space. But in this case the space was cleverly and functionally used and the interior design has been chosen to perfectly reflect that. The style chosen for the design is a combination  [ Read More ]

Spacious and Bright Apartment

December - 15 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

The study room is envisioned as an open space, that allows a large amount of green plants and light to sneak inside the house.  The main floor accommodates the public and the office areas, while the top floor is reserved for the bedrooms.  Simply spectacular, the apartment has an interesting space division: a stone wall  [ Read More ]


We simply love a good idea and a creative blend of colours. It implies courage! To underline the fact that a happy environment can have an amazing effect on our lives, the Ukranian designer, Ino Getiashvili, came up with some cheerful ideas and decorated the interior of an apartment located in Odessa’s old town in  [ Read More ]

Bright and Comfortable Swedish Apartment

November - 27 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Welcome to a beautiful Swedish apartment, displaying a cheerful overall decor and inspiring color additions. With a total surface of 70 square meters, the place exhibits a good layout and tall ceilings, giving the impression of space. The relatively small home discovered on Alvhem is located in the popular Vasastan district of Gothenburg, in a  [ Read More ]