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This residence is deliberate by draftsman Charles Zane   the perception appropriately defines the Rothschild 1 residence in Tel Aviv. Gorgeous, airy and ‘on the apex of the world’, the Rothschild 1 penthouse offer some of the most stunning view winning a metropolis that on no account tires from an excited beat. The huge windows take  [ Read More ]


Textures and equipment can create all of the distinction in a residence, as evidenced by this remodel flat in Setagaya, Tokyo. Owners (and architects) Jun Inokuma and Hiroko Karibe reserved the structural system accurately as it was, but rethought both the present and the makeup equilibrium of the The residence in progress off with existing  [ Read More ]


The Apartment Creative Agency of Soho, Newyork has modernized this gorgeous apartment for the shoot of Devil Wears Parada. So that apartment indicates a feeling of the current fashion designer .Elevated ceiling, Corinthian pillars, sculptural fireplace, well designed and cool modern furniture of beam colors make an oasis of manner and good taste. The frame  [ Read More ]


Linnéstaden is occupied by enormous apartments, with contemporary details. Inhabiting 100 square meters in a building dating back to the 1900s. The home has elegant details, it includes contemporary furniture and refurbished original details. A new open plan kitchen is separated from the dining space by a small bright hallway. There are 2 balconies facing  [ Read More ]


Here is a beautiful apartment with vibrant and juicy colors. Red, with crimson and green furniture, blue tiles in the kitchen. The apartment’s bathroom is the only space which is in white color. It has an unusual natural wood table. Blue tiles in the red kitchen, photo wallpapers with parrots and night city and colorful  [ Read More ]


Here is a contemporary apartment. This beautiful Apartment is in Krakow. It is designed by  Morpho Studio. It is a 65 square meter apartment. It was smartly classified to shape a cool, fresh space for a medical student couple in their twenties. The owners have a deep love for animals, a fact seen in the  [ Read More ]


It’s a contemporary home designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury. The interior of the apartment is beautiful and it includes natural light. The apartment features a hall, a kitchen, a living area and a work space. The living spaces were merged into an open area. This way a multifunctional zone was created and it can be  [ Read More ]


Here is a very cool and stylish apartment. The interior of the stylish apartment is designed by Lucyna Kolodziejska. She is a very brilliant designer from Poland. The apartment is very comfortable it has many dark colors. The main colors are black and white; all the posters are of Polish designers, and the mirror is  [ Read More ]


Here is the contemporary apartment designed by Max Lam, the Chief Designer of Moderne.  This apartment is located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. The main colors used for the apartment are white and gray, yellow being used as a complementary color. A black glass wall goes from the entrance to the living room, uniting the  [ Read More ]


This contemporary and unique apartment is designed by designers Isabelle Stanislas and Leiko Oshima. It is located in Paris. It has beautiful details and rough wood furniture. The interiors were made to generate large open spaces but keep the great warmth of the building’s history which was built in the 18th century. All the decorations,  [ Read More ]