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The award-winning boutique consultancy Suna Interior Design organization which is a London-based, anticipated a graceful house in Aura Cambridge, a group of residential spaces. This incredible house reflects the creativity of designers who fulfill the need of style and ease even in the countryside and the way they use color schemes in designing, reflects the  [ Read More ]


Mrs. Monica Bhargava is an Executive Vice President of product development of Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. She creates product lines which are related to emerging and varying ways of life, she tactically mounts the level of Williams-Sonoma branded goods across all types and directing design teams. She traveled the world visiting flea Markets and factories  [ Read More ]


This project obtainable to us by designer Channa Horombuwa is a change of a half-way done ordinary-looking house in Dompe, Sri Lanka into a modern piece of architecture. The house was at the half way mark, without a roof but with a assemblage of raw brick walls and lumps, when  the client understood that the  [ Read More ]


This flamboyant house by Galeazzo Design is called Terrace2 and situated in Sao-Paolo, Brazil, and it agrees the cheerful hot weather of the republic. The total square is 88 square meters and each inch of interplanetary is sole and rare; there are dissimilar styles and insignia that interfere each other and compose a very nice  [ Read More ]


The sense you get from watching the insides of this delightful home in Bondi, Sydney, Australia, is that of dexterity. Designed by architect Uri Turgeman and interior designer Shellee Gordoun, the house claims four chambers and three bathrooms, all displaying attractive white & blue finishes. The ethereal atmosphere is probably related to the home’s coastal  [ Read More ]


A big house mulled up with unique modern facts in Seattle have finished the project by Stuart Silk Designers. The Washington Park Hilltop House set on a bluff directing Lake Washington and makes the most of its locality in terms of spectacular sights: “Views of the vast lake, Mt. Rainier and North Cascades dictated the  [ Read More ]


Define the spectacular and elegant Breust House in Australia, transparency. The house, swamped by bright, is a stunning mixture of stylish details, guarded by an infinity pool (also with a transparent structure) on a side and a wonderful garden on the other. The people answerable for achieving such a fascinating final result are the ones  [ Read More ]


The wonderful sights, exciting diet and a complete variety of actions that may be look unusual to the Western traveler, or value taking the “risk” of discovering the limitations of a breathtaking Thai lifestyle! Define yourself on a plot that respires national diversity, the Baan Quito house, located in the North part of the busy  [ Read More ]


If you dream of a fashionable home, with an attractive sense of style fixed, the Sedibe House designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects, located in Johannesburg, is something that might just catch your attention. The Sedibe House is very dynamic and rich in details, mixing materials, layers and textures. On top of that, the  [ Read More ]


Located within the spirit of Bryanston in Johannesburg South Africa, House Bassonia by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects borders the Riverclub golf route. Situated on top of a inclined site, it elevates over its surroundings. Originally a single story traditional house, the brief involved adding a second story and increasing the areas to more than  [ Read More ]