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Ward+Blake Architects finished the design for a home located in a perfect usual setting in Wilson, Wyoming, United States.  According to the architects, “the project was sited on a low lying wetland that demanded consideration due to a high water table. The solution to this problem was to elevate the house three feet above existing  [ Read More ]


This private residence is the work of Farm D’Arte, in Rome. Contemporary and uplifting, the house is filled with cosmopolitan décor details such as avant-garde and pop art paintings, a creative fireplace, stainless steel and glass. The main colors chosen for this décor were velvet royal blue, smooth purple and red. The interior is bright,  [ Read More ]


Adding a contemporary addition to an Edwardian home can be a challenging task. Cloud House is a project envisioned by McBride Charles Ryan in Melbourne, Australia and consists of a renovation and extension of a century-old home. According to the architects, “the street facade has been left to demonstrate the clients’ respect for the evolution  [ Read More ]


One word to describe the Berrima House in Singapore: zen! Borrowing many elements from the Asian culture, the Berrima House completed by Park + Associates, is a space dedicated to body, mind and spirit. The house promotes social interaction and glorifies the need of spending time engaging  the family members in different types of activities.  [ Read More ]


A highly modern home inspiring openness and dynamics was recently completed in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand by IDIN Architects. The concept of the residence is based on the owner’s passion for traveling and kayaking. Interpreting the owner’s lifestyle and passion and mirroring it into architecture was the most difficult task for the architects. The result is  [ Read More ]


Seaview House is a project that mixes the rural scent with the tranquility of a place that brings the sea a little bit closer to the inhabitable place. The exquisite home, located in Barwon Heads, Australia, has been designed by Jackson Clements Burrows and envisioned as a  particular seaside retreat, that surprises the elements of change  [ Read More ]


Probably one of the most interesting and nature oriented houses, the House 04 project, located in the sunny region of Osijek, Croatia, tries to establish a special relationship between man and nature, using the liveable space as a tool. The modern-edgy home, designed by Helena Alfirevic Arbutina showcases the duality of the human existence and  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Home in Costa Rica

December - 25 - 2012
Posted by karen

A combination between concrete and Wood really maximized sophistication and simplicity in a single space. The core of the house is the semi covered space with easy access to pool, in which one can enjoy nature, tropical weather and monkeys passing by. In this space, worldly cares can be forgotten and the human spirit is  [ Read More ]


Inside and out, the residence inspires opulence and extravagant living. Here is an excerpt from the description provided by Cityhome Collective: “A veritable gallery of modernism, from the largest panoramic, residential windows installed in any Utah home, to the Italian Poliform, custom-built-in furniture throughout (in the successful spirit of tying each perfect space to the  [ Read More ]


The scenic region of Asamayama, Japan had a tremendous influence on the residential project developed by the Japanese firm of architecture, Kidosaki Architects Studio. After years of research, the client found the ideal site for his dream home and decided to settle down. Away from the urban jungle, this particularly beautiful retreat focuses on the  [ Read More ]