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There’s always something special, something unique about a penthouse apartment. It’s not just the fact that its denomination is often synonym with luxury and exclusivity. Penthouse apartments are often defined by their inner beauty and their coziness.This apartment, for example, is a perfect example that shows us why this type of home is so great.  [ Read More ]


Some of the finest homes are those inspired by the priceless surroundings. When the setting is staggering, the house is, most of the times, an inspirational place. Undoubtedly, the Mandeville Canyon Residence is one of those homes, that look like a calm retreat or a relaxation sanctuary, aiming to link people with the natural environment  [ Read More ]

Modern Home in Toronto, Canada

December - 18 - 2012
Posted by karen

This project was a full renovation and addition to a lovely older five bedroom home located in Rosedale, one of Toronto’s most prestigious neighborhoods (in Canada). The addition was needed to extend and open up the kitchen and family room at the back of the house and also to allow for a more gracious master  [ Read More ]

Modern and Stylish House

December - 13 - 2012
Posted by jennie

By playing with clear and solid surfaces, The Monovolume Architecture + Design, managed create in Meran, Italy, a space that exhales unity, bringing the perfect balance between the interior and the exterior. The rectangular shaped house, called the House M has a very neat look, being a place that “asks” to leave the worries behind  [ Read More ]

Modern Homes in Cleveland

December - 10 - 2012
Posted by karen

The Shaker Heights House is a project developed by Dimit Architects and done in the summer of 2012. The plan spreads over 7200 square feet. surrounded by a sea of trees, the house looks striking during fall, when the leaves play softly their own move to and fro of wickedness. The residence is located in  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Japanese House

December - 4 - 2012
Posted by jennie

It is usually said that circles and spheres are related to achievement and perfection. The Pit House, a project developed by UID Architects, in Japan, is one of the most amazing and strange living spaces we’ve ever seen. acceptance nature, the house reflects this human need to belong to a whole. The idea of unity,  [ Read More ]


The higher level is devoted to the bedrooms while the major level accommodates the living room (with quite a spectacular view over the lake), surprising from a cozy and comfortable environment, subtle details of the neighborhood and the lush vegetation. An open space, dining area connects the inhabitants with the pleasant, breezy site. During the  [ Read More ]


Designer Stoica Mario (of Romanian based Ezzo Design) sent us renderings of a house he envisioned in the city of Ploiesti, Romania. We love the creative details the photos below showcase and are looking forward to reading your opinions as well. Here is the press release we were sent by the designers: “When you meet  [ Read More ]

A House with Stylish Interior

November - 30 - 2012
Posted by jennie

The house of stylist Susanna Vento is not just any ordinary space. It’s a home best described as dynamic without being overwhelmed by color. The most impressive detail is the huge amount of diverse patterns. Just like colors and textures, patterns are difficult to combine. It takes skill and talent to be able to come  [ Read More ]

Stunning Mini Tree House

November - 28 - 2012
Posted by karen

We know, it is not everyday that we post play houses on Freshome, but this project and its perfect details are simply stunning. The miniature tree house for mice was created by Maddie Brindley and was inspired by Crabapple Cottage drawn by Jill Barklem in her book “Spring Story”.  The frame and bark are completely  [ Read More ]