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Amazing Housing Complex in Verona, Italy

November - 22 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Residence Santa Caterina by Studio Alberto Apostoli has been recently inaugurated in Verona, Italy and consists of an architectural housing design that has become an important part of the environment. The aim of the architect was to create a space pleasant to walk through for residents. The architecture of the complex is composed of vertical  [ Read More ]

Amazing Wood Apartment in Italy

November - 21 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

You are about to enter a place dedicated entirely to wood. An enchanting apartment adorned with wooden details, making everything look cozy, managed to make an impression on us! With its simplicity and dedication towards smooth details, this cushy spot, designed by the Italian, Gianlca Fanuetti, in Campodolcino ( a small municipality in the region  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Mid-Century House

November - 20 - 2012
Posted by karen

A mid-century house was amazingly remodeled into Atomic Ranch by Laidlaw Schultz Architects. The result is a bright and modern retreat in juicy colors. A cool designer’s detail is the corner of the house that is floor to ceiling glass, it gives much light and an amazing view. The interior is modern: a cool brick  [ Read More ]


One of the greatest challenges is to upgrade a home and bring more space to it. When a client requests to expand the existent living space, you have to take into account the fact that you are more into transforming and adapting a place than starting to develop it from scratch. The SF-OSL team, the architects in  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous House in Dallas

November - 19 - 2012
Posted by jennie

The House of Three Rooms is a project that has been completed in 2011 by Marc McCollom in Dallas, Texas, showcasing a concept that establishes boundaries between spaces, without disturbing the harmony. The project consists in three space areas, generically called rooms. The facade is made of large brick blocks and the entrance is marked by  [ Read More ]

Modern Residence in Spain

November - 17 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Duque y Zamora Arquitectos completed the design for a generously-sized modern home in Villanueva de Pría, Spain. The residence pays tribute to energy efficiency and sustainability. Part of a joint project that includes three other houses, Villa EntreEncinas consists of a compact volume, partially hidden in the steep terrain. To the south, there is a  [ Read More ]

Incredible Home Project by KNQ

November - 14 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

We received photos and information about a striking residential makeover by KNQ Associates, who claim not everybody can connect with contemporary-style living. Some people like to incorporate a traditional look inside the spaces they live in. And this house in Neram Road is a good example where we pursue that belief: the design should show  [ Read More ]

Stylish Home in Stockholm

November - 14 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

We love lofts and we love Scandinavian design! Add a touch of contemporary and a good designer, such as Jimmy Schonning and there you have, the perfect recipe to gain our hearts! Nothing works better for guys than a super sophisticated attic with creative storage solutions, sober colours and concrete, giving you a subtle feeling  [ Read More ]


This is the Glentham Road Barnes Residence, a beautiful private home with a contemporary design located in North Barnes, England. It’s situated in a region with excellent educational facilities and it manages to beautifully integrate into the surroundings. As for the design, it’s simple but it’s sophisticated and luxurious.The minimalist front façade hides a series  [ Read More ]

Amazing Apartment with Stylish Furniture

November - 12 - 2012
Posted by jennie

A small apartment doesn’t leave much room for imagination when it comes to choosing a style for the interior décor. But while some styles are not suited for small spaces since they are characterized by the use of oversized décor details and other elements, some styles would be wonderful choice. For example, a Nordic interior  [ Read More ]